NOTD: My Spring Greens

I don’t really have much in the way of green or blue nail varnish. Most of mine are in the pink/purple/red spectrum. However, I love wearing blue and green clothes – so shouldn’t I also love nail varnish in those colours too?

When I spotted OPI’s Sea Ya Later, Sailor! in a blog sale I knew I had to have it. The base colour is a light pastel green but it is packed full of shimmer, vibrant turquoise that has a hint of pink and purple. I love swirling the bottle round watching the colours swirl and merge. Oh and did I mention that it’s insanely shiny looking? I can’t stop looking at my nails either! 
It is a very sheer polish, even after three coats I applied you can see the nail underneath. However, I quite like that and I know it will look gorgeous layered over quite a few different shades. I can’t wait to try it over Essie’s Absolutely Shore. 
Whilst it was part of a collection rather than part of the standard line, it doesn’t seem to have been so popular. So, you can still find a bottle quite easily and cheaply! I can see why it wasn’t popular but the colour just mesmerises me. 
I hope you are all having lovely weekend 🙂 
Fleur xoxo

3 coats of OPI’s Sea Ya Later, Sailor!

Please excuse my sad cuticles. I look after them so well but work destroys them 😦


One thought on “NOTD: My Spring Greens

  1. Corinne says:

    It's a lovely colour.

    Something really sad happened to me – apparently we are not allowed to wear colours other than natural ones at work. I sat in the managers meeting and thensat on my hands because I was there sporting bright purple nail varnish being told that we all had to go tell our staff to sort their nails out. I'm a terrible manager, ha!

    Corinne x


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