Bank Holiday Resolutions

Normally I (and a lot of the world) makes my resolutions on a different bank holiday, the 1st of January. However, January is such a bad time for making resolutions for so many reasons. The idea of a resolution is a good one though, so why not take a modern approach and make them whenever suits you. Right now suits me just fine.

I’ve chosen today to make my resolutions. I’ve recently gone through a few upsetting changes to my life, whilst this could easily have left me sat in bed with the curtains closed, I’ve chosen not to let it. I’ve chosen to take some time to improve myself and my life. So far, I’m actually doing quite well.

I want to become pescatarian. I don’t agree with the wholesale slaughter of animals, I don’t agree with the way they are kept, I feel the amount of effort and energy needed to rear animals is ridiculous in our world, the environment cannot sustain this. In fact because I think about this so much I no longer really enjoy meat and even feel sick when I eat it. So, why am I? I would also like to cut fish out as our oceans are so overfished. However, I do not want to do everything all at once and I adore eating fish still. To start with I am not going to be super strict, mainly because I have several meals I have made and frozen that contain meat. Plus I need to allow the people around me time to get used to the idea. Especially my mum as I cook for the both of us every day. However by September I want to be fully pescatarian. Until then, I want to aim for only one meal that contains meat per week. I do not need any reward for this, simply because this is something I already want to do and being able to will be reward enough.

So, more of this: 
and less (then none) of this:

I have recently started going to the gym more regularly and I want to keep this up, going three times a week. Once to a yoga class (which helps improve my flexibility and general state of mind), once or twice (where possible) to the gym and once for a swim. I was already going for a swim most weeks but I do have excess weight I would like to lose before the summer. Plus, I would like to be fitter and healthier. As a reward if I manage this I will be buying myself new gym clothes, in particular some new sports tops as mine aren’t particularly good. If I get down to my target size and weight I will buy myself one of those ‘watches’ that calculate how many calories you have burnt etc as they fascinate me and I think it would also continue to motivate me. Less of the tummy, arms and thighs please!

My next resolution is to spend 10 minutes a week looking after my feet. So exfoliating them, pushing the cuticles back, painting and re-painting them, moisturising them. I tried it out today and it doesn’t actually take that long to do all of that. Plus you can watch YouTube videos whilst doing all of it. So my usual Sunday morning routine can just have a little extra step in it. To get me fully started I have a voucher for a pedicure from my birthday, so I will book that! Then I will treat myself to a whole range of foot treats, to start with on a monthly basis, to keep me going and to add some different products into the routine! Just like below, don’t my feet look a little small?

My resolutions in January were to give up fizzy drinks (which worked for a while then failed) and to cut down on the amount of sugar I’m eating. I still want to do that as both would be beneficial for my health, especially reducing my sugar consumption. I would suggest I am definitely on the path to develop type 2 diabetes and I don’t want that to happen. I am going to keep this in the back of my mind and try but it is not something I am aiming to do straight away.

Do you have any mid year resolutions? Or are you still working on your January ones?

Fleur xoxo


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