Review: NARS The Happening Palette

This palette has been out for a while now and it is limited edition, if you fall in love with it, you’ll need to hurry. I’ve had mine for about three weeks now and the fact that I haven’t blogged about it yet is potentially telling.

Look how gorgeous that packaging is! 
Large mirror – perfect for makeup application on the go!

I’ve wanted to try some NARS products for a while now; especially orgasm blush, laguna bronzer and some eyeshadows. So when I saw this palette I basically had to buy it, which I did! I figured it would be perfect for travelling with, plus I’d get to try out the main NARS products I’d been wanting to try. Perfect.

The first thing you notice is the NARS packaging, which is utterly beautiful. I know it gets dirty over time but it just feels and looks expensive. It closes and opens easily but you know it is sturdy and there is a really large mirror inside. The only quibble I do have is that I would like a larger distance between the dark brown eyeshadow and the bronzer, it’s too easy to accidentally dip into it and it’s very visible if you do so.

The Orgasm blush is utterly lovely. I have the multiple in orgasm and love it so I knew it was likely I’d enjoy the powder. I was expecting it to feel a little more silky but I guess the shimmer means it isn’t. I use it high on my cheeks so it works as both a blush and highlight. It is a peach toned pink with lots of gold running through it.

The Laguna bronzer is also great. I can see why people rave about it. I don’t know that it is a favourite yet, I will have to let you know in due course. It has some stiff competition from an unlikely source. It is a good bronzer even on pale skin and gives a lovely sun kissed glow being neither too orange, brown or red.

From top to bottom: Orgasm blush, Laguna bronzer, Coconut Grove, Kuala Lumpur I, Gstaad, Night Star.

Left to right: Coconut Grove, Kuala Lumpur I, Gstaad.

The eyeshadows are a bit of a different story.

Night Star, the champagne shade, I was expecting to be an all over lid colour similar to MAC’s naked lunch. It really isn’t. I tried using it as such and was practically scraping the shadow with my brush to try and pack it on my lid. The next time I tried using my finger because it seemed to rub onto my finger nicely, yet it then wouldn’t come off onto my lid easily. I have since decided that this works well as a light highlight applied with the fingers to a small space such as the inner corner or brow bone.

Gstaad is the bronzed light brown shade. This is the one for all over the lid, rather than crease shade as I expected. It is as if the Maybelline colour tattoo in on and on bronze had a baby with MAC’s kid eyeshadow. My two favourite base eyeshadows. So, I actually do like it and awful lot.

Kuala Lumpur I is the beauty of the palette. Probably what will be a fair few people’s unused shade this is a beautiful purple flecked through with a tonne of gold. It is gorgeous for lining with, or popping in the lower lash line for a tiny pop of subtle purple. It is also ideal for a night out all over the lid with the deep brown in the crease. I would repurchase this shade by itself in an instant.

Coconut Grove is a a super deep, insanely pigmented, matte brown. I am in love. I would also repurchase this shade by itself. This shadow was what I was expecting of all the others – that creamy, rich pigmentation. The purple has it to an extent but this is exactly what I wanted. Ideal sheered out in the crease, you can pack it on as a liner, wear it as a smokey eye… This shade makes me reach for this palette.

Overall, I initially felt very disappointed with this palette as I was only trying the top two eyeshadows. As I wasn’t using them in a way that worked I thought they were pretty awful. Once I tried the deeper shades and started playing around, I realised this palette is actually pretty awesome and will be travelling with me everywhere. It is the perfect size to do so. Never mind that I could easily use it on a daily basis.

This was £45 from the NARS website though I can no longer find it there. I am sure there are places still stocking it though as it hasn’t received the most attention. Even if you aren’t a fan of the purple eyeshadow, it is worth it for the blush, bronzer and coconut grove eyeshadow.

Lets finish off with a few photos of the looks I have created using this palette. In all the photos all the colour products (bar lipstick) are from this palette. As you’ll see, you can create anything from the most natural daytime look to insane dramatic looks 🙂

I am wearing clothes, promise, just I didn’t want to have another photograph of me in my dressing gown. So it is simply pulled off my shoulders to be out of shot! I didn’t realise this would instead make me look naked!
I’m actually wearing NARS The Multiple in Orgasm on my lips here and below too!

Lack of other makeup but this is created just using my fingers as my tools. That gives an idea of how good these shadows actually are when used for purpose. 

Overall, I think this will be a great palette for travelling with, even with limited brushes. I can also see myself wanting to reach for it on a regular basis. If that happens I guess I may have to try and buy the products I am reaching for individually!

Fleur xoxo


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