Who Knew A Spa Day Could Be So Amazing?

Not me, that’s for sure!

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really get the whole idea of going to a spa. It sounded nice, slightly exotic and the price always put me off. Also, how would you spend a day just lying around?!

It was a big birthday for my mum yesterday. I had been planning what to get her for years, I really wanted to spoil her, mainly because being an only child in a single parent family I’m the only one to buy her big presents and vice versa. So one day when the idea of taking her on a spa day popped into my head, I wrote it down and started thinking. That was about two years ago, if not longer!

In the end we went to the Amida Spa in Farnham. Included in the package (£120 for two, though currently reduced to £95) was a pair of flip flops (to keep), the use of a robe and towel, one treatment, lunch (several amazing options), a drink and a bottle of water plus use of all the facilities. There was also very secure locker facilities, these were accessed individually using a chip held within a silicone band given to you on arrival. It is so nice and relieving to leave your belongings somewhere you know only you can access. Plus the band with the chip wasn’t offensive to wear like a lot of locker bands can be. There is a bar within the spa so you can also purchase more drinks and food at any point, the prices aren’t even ridiculous. Pretty similar to any high street chain.

I purchased two additional treatments for my mum. I opted for the express facial, manicure and pedicure for her, then had the facial as my treatment (which was included within the price). For the next time, I wouldn’t choose to have nails painted and merely go for relaxing treatments such as the facial or back massage. This is simply because once you have your nails painted you cannot use a lot of the facilities. Perhaps it would be worth having done before lunch if you do want to go for that.

The spa had 5 different saunas of different temperatures and surroundings, 2 steam rooms, a salt grotto (sadly not exciting as it may sound but definitely my favourite room), a 25m pool, a flotation infinity pool, a jacuzzi and a tepidarium (my second favourite room). So trying out all of the different rooms definitely took up a lot of the time 🙂 The salt grotto had warm seats and sprayed a fine mist of salt at intervals, this mist was scented with menthol and orange blossom. This was really relaxing, helped open up my lungs and the salt is apparently amazing for the skin. The tepidarium (a rather roman name there) had beds and a long bench, all of which were heated from beneath. This meant it was a really great room for just completely chilling out.

My treatment was so lovely, the lady who did my facial was obviously well trained, the treatment rooms relaxing and the beds were very cushioned with heating in them to keep you warm – perfect. Plus, whilst my mask was doing its magic, the lady massaged my scalp. I haven’t felt so relaxed in years.

I haven’t included photographs as the ones on the website are actually perfectly representative of the spa. It has only been open around 18 months, so the photographs are obviously recent. I didn’t even take my phone in to take photos once I saw that.

If you want to find this spa Google ‘Amida Spa’. I’ll insert a link tomorrow, I’m writing and publishing this on my phone 🙂

If you haven’t tried going to a spa before and particularly if you are stressed and need some relaxing down time, I cannot recommend this more. I genuinely can’t wait to go back! Plus, having realised how much I can relax during a facial, I may do a mini ‘spa’ session at the gym I am a member of occasionally. Using the steam room before having a facial then going straight home to bed.

Have you been on a spa day? I think this one was pretty reasonable compared to the others I looked at near where I live!

I hope you have all had a good start to the week 🙂

Fleur xoxo


2 thoughts on “Who Knew A Spa Day Could Be So Amazing?

  1. Fleur says:

    She definitely really enjoyed it, said it was probably the best birthday she'd ever had. Which is lovely but also slightly tragic.

    If you ever get really stressed or have a manic workload and just need a chilled day – I'd recommend this. I still can't see myself wanting to go on a spa holiday (unless I had a reason to lose loads of weight and went to a weight loss one). However, to just have a day to sit and read, have a bit of a pamper, a delicious lunch and a swim it was perfect. So relaxing 🙂 xo


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