Yes, your opinion is valid…

That doesn’t mean you need to speak it out loud.

Yesterday was an inset day. A day where all the pupils get to have a fun day off and the staff get to do exciting ‘professional development’ or moderating. Or in my case a whole load of cleaning, tidying and trying to take photographs down a microscope using an iPad… So, partly fun, partly brain numbingly dull, especially as I was alone for the morning.

I wore some exciting trousers into work. I don’t really do jeans and I cannot do my job in a skirt, so trousers are the way forward. Now, I don’t believe in being ‘normal’ or feel the need to ‘fit in’. I’ll more than happily go out wearing something crazy, whatever. Its not that big a deal, you get some funny looks, you might get a stranger asking what the hell you’re wearing. You’ll also get some people, even people you never normally talk to, coming up to you and asking where your clothes are from. You may get called ‘brave’ and told ‘I could never wear that, yet you wear it so well!’. That’s all well and good. In fact its quite fun.

However, its when people you know open their mouth that you know you might get hurt. I got a ‘hmm, interesting trousers’ and ‘are we trying to be Aladdin?’ and ‘were those dyed wrong?’ along with a general staring at my legs obviously thinking ‘what are you wearing?’. Nope, they look how they look and I like them that way. I’m pretty sure this was meant as a joke, but I wouldn’t go up to them and say ‘weren’t you wearing that exact same set of clothes on the last inset day?’. Yet maybe I should have done…

Then today, I got ‘so, trousers are all one colour today then!’. Really, you needed to bring it up again. Plus, they actually weren’t – they were pinstriped which I pointed out because I’m helpful like that 🙂

Why should it be that wearing clothes that do not fit into the accepted norm means you are inviting criticism or plain rudeness? I know there are far bigger issues out there but if we cannot accept the little differences what hope do we have of accepting the larger ones? What gives you the right to judge anyone else? If you really feel the need to judge, tell your friends and have a laugh together, don’t go putting that person down to their face.

Now I’m pretty confident in my body and my clothing. I know I don’t always look great but as long as what I look like and what I’m wearing makes me happy, so what. However, another person might have come home from today and instantly been rid of those trousers.

Think before you open your mouth and if you have nothing good or helpful to say… Keep it shut. This applies to more than just clothes and is something I constantly tell myself as I know I have the capability to be harsh at times. Plus, I’m pretty sure that choosing to compliment people when you can and keeping your mouth shut when you cant doesn’t just make the people around you feel happier but it also make you feel happier too.

Anyway, rant over. I’m sure I am preaching to the converted here.



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