Review: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow Dry Lotion

I bought this product on a whim. I’d love to say that I thoroughly research everything before I buy and endeavour not to waste my money… Nope, I see an offer, I buy things. I am a supermarkets ideal customer. When I come into work with something random for lunch, the first thing my colleagues ask is ‘another offer’. Whilst this might sound like a recipe for disaster, it rarely ends that way. The same goes for haircare. I really cannot be bothered to choose sensibly. Plus, I’m only ever buying from the high street so the maximum I’m wasting is £5, usually it’s because there is an offer, so I’m wasting £0. I find the two shampoos I want, or shampoo and conditioner, then I think ‘well, I don’t really need MORE of that, lets try a product!’. Hence this.

Ramble over onto the review. This stuff is awesome IMHO. My hair has always been relatively fine but it used to be quite curly and frizzy – so I never used to be concerned about volume, more about containing it! A couple of years after I went on the contraceptive pill, I had all my hair chopped off – what was left was super fine, fluffy, wavy and quite oily. So I started searching for volumising solutions! Mousse on the whole I dislike, it never seems to work. Root powders make me feel dirty. I tried one volumising spray that made my hair as flat as a pancake and another that left it in a clumped mess. No thanks!

The first time I tried this I was obviously dubious, however, I persevered and blow dried my hair. Wow. I had hair! A whole head of it. It felt thick, luxurious, I could wave it about. I had a good hair day! Even better I’ve had many more since.


  • Gives all day (or longer) volume.
  • Includes heat protectant.
  • Easy application.
  • Good sized bottle and excellent mister.
  • Doesn’t just give root lift, actually makes hair feel thicker.
  • Means I don’t have to wash my hair every day as it stops it getting so flat.
  • Lightly scented, fresh and not overpowering.
  • Doesn’t feel dirty or like there is product in the hair.
  • Washes out easily and hair is straight back to normal.
  • Leaves hair feeling quite dry – so perhaps not for those with dry hair.
  • No shiny finish but can easily use another product with this e.g. shine serum.
  • Can leave hair a little harder to brush through.
  • Expensive for a highstreet/drugstore product.

This is around the £6 from your local pharmacy / drugstore!

I think if you have very dry hair or over colour treated hair this might not be for you. Obviously whilst this has worked amazingly for me, it may not work for you… After all, everyone has different hair! Mine is short and fine for reference. Yu, from Let’s Make Yu Up, has also reviewed this here, you’ll see that if you have long, thick hair this probably won’t be worth it.

Have you tried this? Have you any other volumising products to recommend?

Fleur xoxo


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