Glossybox: A Year On.

I have had my Glossybox subscription for just over a year now. When I received my April Glossybox I thought it was about time I did a review of the service and a review of the April box. I stopped reviewing each Glossybox I received because there were so many reviews out there and they were all rather samey. Plus, what is genuinely useful to know is what the products are like and if the person repurchased them. Most of the reviews were simply a list of the products, with some bloggers reading even that is great fun simply because of the bloggers style. However, sometimes, it feels like a waste of time. So I stopped and so have a lot of people.

The reason I am writing this now is having had the subscription for a year, I have really experienced the service and I wanted to let you know my thoughts. This is going to be a long but in depth review. Very long!

The Glossybox packaging is gorgeous. The outer box is lovely and a pleasure to receive and open. Then the box itself is lovely. A nice sturdy thick card box, usually in pale pink with black detailing but certain themed boxes have different patterns and colours. They are useful for storing things in, for wrapping presents, for creating a ‘glossybox’ for someone and filling it with products or otherwise easily recyclable.

The outer box
The Glossybox itself. This one is a special design for April.

Once you open it up you have a ribbon (which also has multiple reuse options) and tissue paper filled with shredded paper holding your products. There is also a sticker holding the tissue paper closed, which is a nice touch. Whilst some people would probably rather pay less and not have all that I do love the packaging. For me it really adds to the overall experience and feels like a gift to myself each month. My mum just signed up to a different beauty box and was most upset by the lack of nice packaging, especially as the P&P was not much cheaper. At the end of the day, the packaging really doesn’t cost much, of the postage and packaging charge (£2.99) I would estimate that, at most, 50p is for packaging. When you bulk buy, packaging is really cheap, even posh nice packaging.

In we go!

Customer Service
I haven’t had any reason to complain to Glossybox, so I cannot really comment. I’ve heard quite a few bad things but then I’ve also seen some of the comments people post to them on social media. Customer service always works both ways, if you are nice and friendly you tend to get good service… Not always but a lot of the time, they are people too and I bet you’re more helpful to people who are nice to you. I do like their various social media sources, I feel they could be more active in that but then it’s not what I want to be paying for so I’m not that bothered.

Lets all think about this logically. On the basis that if you buy sample size / mini products for yourself they will cost £2 at the cheapest from the high street, you get 5 products -> £10. This works out. That is always the basis I work from. When you factor in the fact that you are getting high end samples on the whole… Its not just worth it, its an amazing deal!

You may not get the same box as someone else and they may have products you’d have preferred or that are of a higher value. That’s life. One tip, in the ‘how much you spend on makeup’ section, if you set it low… You’re going to get the cheaper products. Think about it. However, are you going to be able to repurchase the really expensive products if you do like them? You need to consider that too!

If you don’t want loads of samples… What are you doing? Go spend the money on a full sized product you’ll love. In the long run you could be more satisfied getting a Tom Ford lipstick every 3 months. If you love trying new things, have an insatiable appetite for cosmetics and finding the best things for you, you may love this. Try it, get it for a couple of months and see, you’ll know if it’s for you.

Will you love every product you get? No. Will every product you get be something you want to try? No but you may be surprised and love something you thought you’d hate. Is it worth trying? Yes. Is it worth the money? As we worked out above, yes. Will every box have something you like in it? Probably.

If you enjoy surprises, that sense of expectation, receiving post, opening parcels, beautifully packaged parcels, samples, trying new cosmetics and giving yourself little gifts you’ll probably like this. If you don’t, you may not. Don’t get upset when all the top bloggers get the best boxes, of course they do, Glossybox is using them to promote itself!

On to the April box and an idea of what to expect.

April’s Glossybox

Lets look inside!

This month I already knew was special from the Glossybox Instagram. It was the Spring Fever box, a collaboration with Pearl Lowe. So it came in the most beautiful box which I will treasure.

Inside you receive a pamphlet which contains useful information about all the products as well as some other information. This month some interviews and an offer on the back.

The first product was the Crabtree & Evelyn Somerset Meadow Hand Therapy. This has an intimidating list of ingredients but it looks like no mineral oil and quite a lot of delicious goodies. I’ve given it a few tries and it smells and feels pretty darn gorgeous. In fact I haven’t been able to stop smelling my hands when I’ve used it! I definitely needed a good hand cream too so I was happy to see this.

Next up was the Yves Rocher So Elixir Purple EDP. Whilst people moan about fragrance samples, this was a really decent size and I will enjoy giving it a try. I quite enjoy it. It is relatively similar to the Burberry Body, some of the same notes and I’m enjoying it so far. I actually like receiving fragrance samples as I would never ask for them in store, or even think to. It means I can try in my own home and give it a whirl.

The Nip + Fab Dry Skin Body Butter in Pistachio was a welcome sight. I’m always happy to try a new body lotion and I’ve been curious about these ones. This feels light for a body butter and sinks in easily. I’ll need to give it more of a try but so far I’m liking it.

The Essie Nail Lacquer in We’re In It Together I’m not such a fan of. Having swatched it, I really don’t think it’s my colour. I will give it a proper try and we’ll see. I’m always happy to see a nail varnish though, it’s good to try them for cheaper than they would be!

Finally I got an Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Feisty. This is a gorgeous orange red which can be used on eyes and lips. With the colour I received I will probably stick to lips but you never know when you might want some red eyeliner action! I have never tried an orange toned red before, so it opened my eyes and I think it really suited me 🙂 one of the beauties of a Glossybox, I get to try things I never would otherwise.

Look at that beautiful lip colour! Illamasqua Pencil in Feisty

I hope you enjoyed this super long review and that it was in some way helpful to you. I will be keeping my subscription an I’m already looking forward to next months 🙂 Have you tried Glossybox? Do you enjoy it as much as me?

You can subscribe to Glossybox via their website and they operate in several countries. For the UK, you can have a look at their website here.

Lots of Friday love to you all. I hope you all have an awesome weekend.

Fleur xoxo


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