Disappointing Products

I was going to review each of these separately, I’ve had some of these hanging around for almost a year. However, when I don’t like a product I am very unmotivated to talk about it. Yet, I feel I also should. There needs to be some level of balance and comprehension that not all products are amazing. These four products all failed to live up to expectation. Whether that expectation was from adverts, packaging or previous experience with similar products from the same brand.

First up is the Boots 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in Orange Soda. I’ve tried polishes from this range before and loved them. In fact the black and deep vampy reds that I love and wear a lot are both from 17. So with that in mind I was expecting this to be another product to love. I was already in love with the colour and couldn’t wait to get a bit of summery colour in my life. However, when I painted my nails what I got was a horrible streaky mess. I tried painting super thin layers, I tried thick layers and I tried how I’d normally paint. None of these worked 😦 my nails also chipped and sections just peeled off in under 48 hours of weekend time when my hands get really looked after. Whilst I wasn’t impressed with this shade, I will still buy polishes from 17 as those other polishes have been favourites for years…

Okay, so my hands aren’t in great condition sorry. Can you see the horrible splodgy mess this nail varnish left though?!

Next up is the Me Me Me Fat Cat Volumising Mascara in Black. I received this in a Glossybox as a full sized product, so I didn’t go out and choose to buy this product myself. Which I’m glad about. I remember reading that this cost £7.99 and with the claims made on the product packaging I was expecting good things. Especially as Me Me Me get a lot of praise for certainly their dew pots online. Nope. I found it really difficult to get product from the brush onto my lashes. I found the gigantic brush unwieldy, which as a lover of the massive brushed MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara was surprising. However, the worst is yet to come, this smudged and smeared all over my face like nothing else. Yes, my makeup does have to be long wearing with my work and my oily lids but still. I have never experienced anything like this. One day I actually looked like I’d been given a black eye – that bad. The packaging is nice and the effect it gives once you’ve actually managed to get it on your lashes is relatively nice but it’s just not a good buy. There are better mascaras for cheaper.

I bought the Biore Make-Up Removing Wipes to put in my gym bag, so that when going to the gym from work I could remove my makeup first. These didn’t actually make it to the bag. I tried them out first because I had a day when I just needed a quick face cleanse. The first problem I encountered was when taking off my eye makeup. I put these on my eyelid and my eyes immediately started stinging and running. You’re supposed to be able to remove ‘even stubborn waterproof mascara’ with these. Well, if you want to feel like you’re bleaching your eyeballs you can. My face and eyes were so sad after wiping over with this that I rinsed everything with water afterwards before applying moisturiser. I woke up the next day with an itchy rash all over my face and giant raised lumps all around my lips and eyes. Hello allergic reaction. So, you might be fine with these, you might find them great but if you have even mildly sensitive skin – avoid. I don’t have that sensitive skin though, I’m good with pretty much all products bar some face masks. I finished this packet using them to clean my feet after days in flip flops – if you are looking for a quick disposable way to do that – these are awesome.

Finally the Vaseline Essential Moisture Cocoa Radiant Vitalising Body Gel Oil. I’d seen adverts for this and as I love a good body oil I was pretty excited to see this half price in sainsburys. On first impressions I liked the consistency and the scent, I was excited to slather this all over. When I did – not really slathering, I used quite a small amount actually – I was not that impressed. I thought maybe it just needed a bit longer to absorb so I persisted. And persisted. Yuk. This quite frankly feels like you’ve coated yourself in a thin layer of Vaseline all over 😦 it does not sink in like body oils I’ve tried before. As the main ingredient is liquid paraffin (mineral oil) this isn’t exactly surprising. It just sits heavy on the skin until you wash it off. To wash it off you need to use an awful lot of shower gel too. If I did lots of outdoor swimming – or I guess swimming in general – this could be great as it would trap all your skin oils to the body, thus looking after your skin. I honestly cannot think of any other time I would use this. Certainly not everyday, I’d be covered in spots in a week and I have pretty dry skin.

Maybe you have tried these products and can tell me a way in which to make them amazing? Enough negativity for today, I’ll be back to the makeup loving in my next post 🙂

Fleur xoxo


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