3 Ways With Antiseptic Cream?!

What am I on about? Antiseptic cream is a staple in the medicine cupboard / first aid kit of most households. Mainly for when you get a cut and you want to make sure it doesn’t get infected and it heals quicker. It is pretty cheap at around £2.49 for 60g, which you’d expect from a product that mums slather their kids knees in. So why on earth am I blogging about this product?!

Actually for three reasons. Three beauty related reasons, which make sense when you think about it but you may not have thought of. So I thought I’d share my ideas with you 🙂 this is a product you most likely have already, so it’s worth a try if you haven’t tried these already!

1. Hand healing. I get pretty sore, sad hands at work due to getting chemicals on them and so washing them plus washing them regularly as I work in a school and want to avoid getting all the bugs going round. Whilst regular application of hand cream does help with this, as does putting lip balm all over my hands at night, they still end up feeling sore and scabby. I’m sure there are lots of people who work in environments which aren’t hand friendly and you’ll know what I mean, it’s not fun. Recently I started putting a good layer of antiseptic cream on before hand cream and my hands have healed up and stayed looking healthy. Applying one layer of this a day before bed has really helped my hands recover and I’d highly recommend this to anyone who has similar hand washing hell!

2. Spots. I’m sure lots of you know about this and have tried it. For me when I get a dreaded spot – or worse a bunch of them- I give my skin a good cleanse and apply antiseptic cream over the top. With a massive spot this seems to draw the spot to the surface and it does get larger but then it goes quicker too. With a cluster of small spots I apply this and the next day they are massively reduced if not gone. Obviously this is me and my skin but its worth a try 🙂

3. Helping fade spot leavings. When a spot does subside on me it often ends up as a dry scabby patch whether I’ve picked it or not. These can stay for months on my face and just don’t fade! Then I tried putting antiseptic cream on them, which makes sense as this is really what it’s for. Those pesky patches clear up and go so much quicker – it’s amazing.

Other more standard things I use this on are: shaving rash, shaving cuts, damaged cuticles, on my feet after washing them in the evening during summer (magically softens them a little and keeps them smelling nice), rough skin, normal rashes… That’s quite a lot of things!

I hope this has been interesting 🙂 I love learning beauty tips with random products you already have in the house! So I had to share mine.

Fleur xoxo


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