My blog is 1!

I know pretty much everyone says they can’t believe how time flies all the time. However, when it’s something that only happens once a year, it’s a little different. So, my little blog, my little slice of the Internet pie is 1 whole year old!

Thank you so much to everyone who has read my blog, especially those of you who have chosen to follow my blog! I feel amazed that people read my words and look at my photographs.

I love blogging, I may not be the most consistent blogger out there and I definitely don’t post every day. However, I really enjoy it. I love being able to talk about makeup to people who are actually interested in it too, rather than people that go ‘yeah, sure, it’s a nail varnish though… Why are you so excited?’ Etc. so thank you all for being there for me to talk to and show my makeup to.

Hopefully this coming year I can be a little more consistent. Write all the posts I really want to write. Try out more super crazy makeup looks! Show you more of my face haha. Make it even more awkward when I’m trying to show people a photo on my phone and all they see is millions of photos of my face :/ I love it though and I don’t care what they think.

I’ll leave you with some photos of me being excited about my blog being 1. Here’s to another year!

Lots of love.

Fleur xoxo


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