Brights The Easy Way.

As I cannot harp on about enough, I love a bit colour in my life. Even better if it is a bright pop of colour. For a lot of people anything that isn’t a neutral might as well be a bright. For a lot of people, black is their every day wardrobe both for their clothing and their makeup. If not black; browns, beige and greys. Even in summer! There is definitely nothing wrong with this and quite often I look at these smart women in their sleek chic outfits and feel jealous. However, I am a colourful person, I can’t escape that. I may be working my wardrobe towards more sensible options than bright pink cords with a lime green halterneck (oh I loved that outfit). There is still an awful lot of colour there and there always will be, just hopefully slightly more tastefully!

With makeup, colour seems harder. There are so many neutral eyeshadow palettes and yet even they can seem complex. Which shades go with which?! How to blend them?! How to create that perfect smokey eye?! Then brights, well, which shades are going to make you look ill? Will it go with your outfit? If neutral eyeshadows are hard to blend surely brights are impossible?

Actually. I think brights are easier. You know the colours you like to wear your clothes in, the colours in your jewellery, your scarves… Even if it is only ever an accent colour to the neutrals. Those are the colours you are drawn to and most likely the colours that suit you. If in doubt, try a t-shirt on in various colours. The t-shirts you look best in are the colours that suit your colouring. The t-shirts that wash you out or make you look a little sickly are the ones to avoid.

I’m really lucky in that I can wear most colours. The colours I can’t wear are a lot of yellows, some oranges, peachy pinks, nude skin-tones and some reds. I had a lovely top in a peachy pink, I loved it, every time I wore it I had people asking me if I was okay… You get the picture. However, on your face you aren’t wearing that much of it! Controlled well, even a colour that may not be perfect on you can still be fine.

Right, enough of the talking for this post. Lets show you a tip! Apologies for the super shiny gross skin, I literally applied and photographed this in 10 minutes before I had to go out (and yes, I did remember to take it all off before I left the house)! All the colours used are from the Sleek Matte Brights Palette.

First of all you want to line your eyes with a black eyeliner. Preferably in the waterline, tightline and above the top lash line. You could also use grey which would look gorgeous with purples and pinks or brown which would look lovely with blues and greens. If you’re going for true acid brights, you’re already going for a look with impact – so go for black.


As I’m sure you can see, whilst the orange might not look 100% as healthy as the pink does on my skin tone, it doesn’t make me look ill. The black provides that barrier between the colour and the eye that makes all the difference. 
Even when I amp it up and take the whole lot to a crazy level, it still looks perfectly fine. Mainly because the eye itself isn’t directly next to the colour. 


I just looooove how this eye turned out!

You see that mustard yellow at the top of my left eye (right on screen), mustard yellow is a horrible colour on me. However, I have used only a small amount and it is not directly next to my eye. There is that black barrier of protection!

Using this same principle I can also wear all the shades of red dresses, if I put a scarf in between that suits my colouring.

I hope some of you found this helpful! Obviously you don’t have to use such bright colours, the tip is still perfectly valid if you want to use a muted colour or pastel shade. I just wanted to show you with full on brights 🙂

Fleur xoxo


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