Review: Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos

It has been far too long since I’ve done a review! Especially when I have so many amazing products I want to tell you all about. I need to sit down this weekend and just write for an entire day I think. I’m really hoping we have some nice weather too so I can get some swatches photographed! I don’t want to be telling you all how amazing a colour is if I can’t also show you it.

Get back to the point Fleur! The Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos are talked about an awful lot – yet there has been a dearth of proper reviews and swatches. At least anywhere I’ve been looking. Especially when they keep coming out with new shades.

I’m sure you all know that most people think these are the bees knees. I’m not about to disagree as I too think they are pretty darn wonderful. The range of shades is good, there is a lack of matte shades which is pretty annoying but then good matte shades are more difficult to find on the high street in general. You can find everything from the super dramatic brights to the absolutely perfect every day colour in the collection. I have some that fit into both camps. All of them work amazingly as the base for powder shadows.

My Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos
In bright daylight: L to R: Eternal Gold, Turquoise Forever, On and On Bronze, Pink Gold, Light in Purple. 
In dim daylight: L to R: Eternal Gold, Turquoise Forever, On and On Bronze, Pink Gold, Light in Purple. 
From top left, clockwise: Turquoise Forever, Light in Purple, Pink Gold, On and On Bronze, Eternal Gold.

The Turquoise Forever and Eternal Gold I keep in my makeup kit – hence why they look like I’ve scraped them out – I have! I believe in hygiene, even when I use them for myself (and when I swatched them) I cut out the product. The more neutral colours I keep in my personal collection and hence use with my fingers.

Turquoise Forever is an amazing blue, perfect for a bright blue smokey eye and will last all night or day paired with a beautiful coral lip – this colour screams summer.
Light in Purple is my latest addition and is really nice super sheered out for every day wear. Plus of course you can build it up to a pop of blue with a hint of pink if you want to. 
Pink Gold is definitely pretty pink however, if you pop a taupe in the crease this mutes it down a whole lot and just leaves the most gorgeous eye look. MAC Sable eyeshadow is perfect with this. I do love it alone too, with a bit of black liner. 
On and On Bronze (or Bad to the Bronze elsewhere) is the one you’ll have heard most about and is the most versatile and easy to wear. You can literally pat a little of this all over your eyelid and you’ll have a look that looks like it has taken a considerable amount of blending and different eyeshadows. It is the perfect neutral base.
Eternal Gold is great as the base for a brown smokey eye. It is literally perfection and I think I’d be lost without it now! It is also amazing packed on really heavily to just give the most wonderful gold. I think the new one (24 carat gold?) may be better for that having swatched it in store. However, this one also works for a subtle effect, just brightening the eyes when really blended out.
Reasons I love these:
  • They stay put pretty well. I do use primer underneath them but I use primer underneath anything I want to last. On less oily lids I could well imagine these lasting all day and beyond without primer. 
  • How easy they are. You can literally dab and swirl your finger in these, pat all over your eyelid, blend out with a different finger around the edges and done. 
  • The shade selection. The neutrals have a smaller range but it is still a good range and then there is a whole selection of super easy to use and wear brights. If you wanted to start getting into brights these are definitely a great option.
  • The packaging. Simple, sleek, glass(!) and frankly dressing table worthy. These look a lot more expensive than they are.
  • The price. Currently £4.99, these are always on offer. Whether it is 3 for 2 on Maybelline or BOGOF or 3 for 2 across colour cosmetics… You can always find these on offer. So frankly, bargainous. 
Even better if:

  • They lasted just that tiny bit longer on me. That is expecting too much though, even MAC and UD e/s applied over primer creases on me in a similar length of time (around 10 hours). 
  • There were some more neutral shades, particularly matte ones. I’d love to see a dupe for MAC Painterly which I am holding off buying 😛
I don’t think you can go wrong with these. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some swatches and learning what I think of them 🙂
Fleur xoxo

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