MAC Mondays: My Neutral Palette!

The post which will be relevant to the most. Neutrals, everyone needs them, pretty much everyone loves them and some people will never wear anything but them. I love a good neutral palette as much as the average person, I’d rather have a bright palette but for every day neutrals really are the way forward.

I started this neutral palette just over a year ago, where most people buy a handbag or perhaps a watch with their first pay cheque… You guessed it, I started my MAC neutral palette and neutral (ish)  lipstick collection.  I now have a few neutral Sleek palettes as well as the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette but the palette that stays out all the time, the one I reach for on a day-to-day basis is the MAC. This is mainly because I know exactly what I’m getting. I know that the colour will stay on all day without creasing if I use primer, I know that the shadows will blend beautifully and will by-and-large be the colour they are in the pan (bar club which is more brown until you build it up).

I have tried to get the most accurate swatches I could. They are all taken in natural daylight within the same hour. They are all pretty true to life, though obviously they will look different on you unless you have exactly the same colouring as me. That’s why it never hurts to have another set of swatches to look at. I haven’t gone massively into the descriptions of each shadow. I have talked about why I like it / don’t like it, how I use it and why you might be interested in it. 

If I could only have one neutral palette, it would be this one. Would I change some of the shades? Maybe. There are shadows I want to buy and perhaps they will oust some of the shades that I currently own. There are shadows in this palette that I don’t often reach for; ones that don’t suit my colouring, ones that don’t really show up on my skin or ones that just aren’t every day shades. You’ll see as I work through them which ones these are. Lets get on with it!
From bottom to top, left to right:
Brule, Naked Lunch, All That Glitters.
Kid, Quarry, Copperplate.
Mulch, Sable, Handwritten.
Amber Lights, Cranberry, Sumptuous Olive.
Club, Omega, Seedy Pearl.

Starting with the bottom row and working my way up, basically working from the lighter shades to the darker shades.

Brule, Naked Lunch and All That Glitters

L to R: Brule, Naked Lunch and All That Glitters.
L to R: Brule, Naked Lunch and All That Glitters.

is a very pale, almost skin tone shadow. It is great as a base eye shadow colour as it covers all imperfections without adding much in the way of colour or shine. This may sound weird but its a kind of my lids but prettier shade. Perfect for subtle day time looks or to apply all over the eye lid before working up to darker shades. It really is a great base no matter what shade you put on top of it. However, if you like a little more oomph from your eye shadow, this is a little on the boring side…

Naked Lunch is definitely a shadow I applied and said ‘huh, what is all the fuss about?’. You need a strong hand and heavy application to go anywhere with this in my opinion. When you do and you have it fairly packed on your lid – this is perfect for an every day pretty look. It is gorgeous, slightly pink based and I can understand why people love it. I’m not sure I would repurchase this though as I expect a little more from my base eye shadow, I don’t want to be packing it on for ages to get it to show.

All That Glitters is a shimmery base shadow too. Where Naked Lunch is more of a pink/silver toned satin shimmer, All That Glitters is definitely more on the peach side. This doesn’t always work with my complexion but I have worn it a lot. This goes on easily and works well as a base shadow or as the only shadow. As it isn’t the best shade on my skin tone, it is unlikely I will repurchase this. If, however, you are in the market for a peachy base shade – this will most likely be perfect.

Kid, Quarry and Copperplate
L to R: Kid, Quarry and Copperplate.
L to R: Kid, Quarry and Copperplate.

Kid is probably my favourite eye shadow. It is unbelievably creamily soft, so pigmented, so blendable and a gorgeous shade on me. It is also an entirely matte base shadow. Whilst some people may find this a little dark for their base, a little does go a long way and you can buff a tiny amount in for a lighter look. I would still like the perfect shimmery base shade for everyday wear but I have my matte. I will repurchase this till the cows come home. I highly recommend going and swatching this, it may not be for you but you should definitely try it.

Quarry is a purple toned grey and perfect as a crease colour or as a base colour for a darker/evening look. It definitely isn’t MACs best formulated eye shadow as it does feel a little gritty to the touch. However, the colour does make up for that. It is a really easy colour to wear though you may have to work to get it on your eye lid. I reach for this quite a lot when I just want to look pretty and natural. I’ll often pair this with Naked Lunch or Brule underneath. 

Copperplate is quite simply a soft grey. The finish is similar to Kid – soft and utterly blendable. Once more – great as a crease or base shadow depending on the look desired. Whilst I love this shadow, I’m stuck on what else to write. It is just a great soft grey. 

Mulch, Sable and Handwritten

L to R: Mulch, Sable and Handwritten.
L to R: Mulch, Sable and Handwritten.

Mulch I have only just discovered is Mulch. I honestly thought I bought Woodwinked. I honestly thought I was using Woodwinked. I know for sure I gave the lady a Woodwinked pot yet on the bottom… ‘Mulch’. Hmm. Having compared the Woodwinked I bought my mum, to my Mulch, yep what I own is definitely Mulch and I love it. So I’m glad I own it. I think it is preferable to Woodwinked, though very different. Much more wearable on an every single day basis.

Mulch is a gorgeous brown, with a hint of orange/gold and then perhaps some purple too. It is perfect for in the crease and amazing all over the lid with some black in the crease. On my skin tone it is just a gorgeous colour, though occasionally a tad too orange. Try it, have a look, though you probably won’t be wowed by it till you put it on your eyelids. 

Sable is beautiful. This goes everywhere with me. This is always chosen to go in my travelling MAC quad or duo. For me, this is a kind of shimmer version of Quarry. It has similar undertones of pink/purple with the brown. Perfect in the crease, perfect all over the lid. I will use this and repurchase this potentially forever. 

Handwritten. The matte brown. Liner. Crease. It may not be the smoothest, softest, most pigmented brown matte shadow out there. You know what? I don’t want it to be. This is so easy to work with on a daily basis. It gives exactly the right amount of brown at a time. I never have to worry that I’m going to have gone way too OTT. Yet, I don’t have to build and build it either. If you want a super pigmented matte brown, this isn’t it. If you want a matte brown that is just the perfect shade and amazingly easy to use, yep, try this one. 

Amber Lights, Cranberry and Sumptuous Olive

L to R: Amber Lights, Cranberry and Sumptuous Olive.
L to R: Amber Lights, Cranberry and Sumptuous Olive.

Amber Lights is a gorgeous orange gold. Perfect for taking a boring every day look into an evening one. Or for a little dab in the inner corner to brighten your life up. Perhaps the least wearable shade in this palette it does brighten it up and I do use it more regularly than I expected to. If you do a normal contoured eye look with browns, then use gel eyeliner, then pat this into the space between the dark shadow and the liner – pop! Your eyes will sing. 

Cranberry can be used very nicely as a crease shade. Also for dressing up as a ladybird. It has enough brown in it so your eyes don’t look ill, providing you don’t pack it on. This is definitely an easy way to get into red eye shadow trends that pass by with semi regularity. Packed on top of brown this is beautiful. You’ll know if this is a shade you’re interested in. Even if it isn’t have a look at some tutorials with it, I know Tanya Burr did some and you may be surprised at how much you like it. 

Sumptuous Olive yep, now a green. Okay, my idea of ‘neutral’ may not be the same as yours. This has an awful lot of brown in it and is gorgeous on pretty much all eye colours because of that amount of brown. I mainly use this as a liner, something a little different but not noticeably so from a brown liner. I do also use this in the crease but not so frequently. I never have but I would also use this all over the lid for a deeper evening look. I will most likely always have this shadow in my palette. Its perfection on blue eyes, so if you have blue eyes… Give it a go? You may be pleasantly surprised 🙂

Club, Omega and Seedy Pearl

L to R: Club, Omega and Seedy Pearl.
L to R: Club, Omega and Seedy Pearl.

Club is gorgeous. I am in love with this shadow. Brown based with so much green in it, yet some blue… Almost a teal, yet there is that brown! Liner, crease colour, all over the lid, with bright pink, with dark green, with pink shimmer over the top, smudged on the lower lash line. Its a safe way to introduce a little colour into your neutrals… Dab a tiny bit in the centre of your gel eyeliner once it has set, add dimension to those eyes!

Omega Eyebrows. You know the drill, everyone and their dog seems to use it for that. I’m not saying any more than that. 

Seedy Pearl since these photos were taken has moved into my brights/colours collection. I would move it back as I think it is utterly gorgeous however, it doesn’t work amazingly as the base eye shadow with browns on top. It does work with club on top but then I always feel I’m verging on unacceptable for work eye shadow. What to do… I wear it at the weekends with darker pinks and purples. Or greens, blues, greys… frankly any colour bar the browns, oranges and reds!

I feel that is enough raving about my neutral palette. I hope this helps some of you who are still creating your neutral palette. It never hurts to get as many opinions as possible. I also think that whilst I do have a lot of the standard ones that everyone uses, I do also have a few less popular ones. If nothing else you may have another shade to add to your swatch list.

Do feel free to recommend me more MAC neutrals. I do still have that one space vacated by Seedy Pearl and I think I may well end up with 30 neutrals before I’m done :/ Plus I need that perfect shimmery but still there base shade!

Fleur xoxo


5 thoughts on “MAC Mondays: My Neutral Palette!

  1. Fleur says:

    Thank you 🙂 I always feel the need for more neutrals – seeing as that's what I wear at least 5 days out of 7. I need lots of options to keep life exciting 🙂 xo


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