Falling For The Hype

All the time there are products that people cannot stop going on about. They talk constantly about them for a few months, about how they love them and then it seems like they disappear. When I product has all this hype, yet months even years later, people are still talking about it – you know it’s got to be good right? Nope, still not necessarily. That’s the problem with hyped up products, something that works for someone else – may not work for you. Something that the majority of people love – you may actually hate. That’s life.

I think we’ve all fallen for the hype on occasion and sometimes you turn around and go ‘wow, it really was as good as they all said’. Well, that’s what happened this week for me.

I was happily wandering around waitrose, picking up a delicious packed lunch for to trip, when I discovered that waitrose sell Korres *excitement*. Having heard, frankly, an obscene amount about how great their lip butters are – I had a look. They only (only, hmm…) cost £7. So I felt I deserved a treat and as you know chocolate isn’t supposed to be a treat because that encourages unhealthy food thinking.

Getting back to the point! I bought the lip butter in wild rose. Korres is, like the beautiful Apivita which I adore, a delightful natural, Greek company. It looks like I do love my natural Greek goodness. The lip butter doesn’t contain and mineral oil – always a bonus in my eyes. They say

‘a buttery lip balm that melts on the lips an offers a shiny, tinted finish. Shea butter and Rice wax offers deep hydration and softness. Ideal for chapped lips’.

I have to agree. The finish is not glossy but definitely very shiny, in my eyes the perfect amount of shine. It sinks into the lips and doesn’t leave them feeling heavy but conditioned and soft. It lasts a fairly long time on the lips and is genuinely lovely. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly scented, though it is not without scent. If you like scented lip products then you’ll be disappointed.

The main bonus for me though is the tiny. This is more pigmented than most tinted lip balms I’ve tried but not so pigmented that you’d feel uncomfortable putting it on without a mirror. The shade of this one gives me a just bitten into a berry tone. With my currently pale skin it gives a super toned down vampy look. With a bit of black smudged eyeliner you can have a pulled together look in five minutes flat. This is the perfect kind of product for those of us who are a little lazy, want to look smart quickly or who don’t like wearing lipstick yet don’t want a glossy finish. To get this same lip look I normally press Revlon black cherry into my lips as a stain and follow it up with lip balm. This lip butter gives me the same look in 5 seconds rather than 10 times longer than that… Sadly the colour hasn’t come out particularly true on camera 😦 so maybe check out other people’s swatches for a truer colour match.

Anyway, I’m in love with this product. I fell for the hype and it turned out well 🙂

I hope you are all having wonderful weekends!

Fleur xoxo


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