February favourites! Oooh yeah, almost on time!

Haha, as you can tell from the title, I’m sure, I’m pretty pleased with myself that I’ve actually done this relatively on time! There is a downside to this, in so much as I haven’t had a chance to take photographs in daylight 😦 but it is just a favourites post and you will find swatches of these elsewhere. There are some posts I need to write about these products, reviews and the like. Which I will get round to doing soon! I’m making this promise to both myself and you.

Anyway, lets jump right in!

Finally at the start of February my nails started to look healthy enough to start wearing nail varnish again! However, after two applications of different shades they are looking sad again – so I may nee some of those hair and nail vitamins pronto.

OPI The World Is Not Enough, The Living Daylights and You Only Live Twice.

The colours I fell in love with were all from the OPI Skyfall collection. So if you dash to it you can probably still find them online. I paired the pink varnish You Only Live Twice with the glitter The Living Daylights as an accent nail. This was a gorgeous combination and both are really lovely. The grey varnish is so lovely I dedicated a whole post to it! It’s called The World Is Not Enough and quite frankly I think it’s perfect. I want to apply it again already (though I have a craving for coral too, gah too many options too little time)! In fact all of my choices from the Skyfall collection have proved to be amazing (I also bought ‘Goldeneye’) which may show I’m learning which shades will suit me and I will love.

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celestial and Apocaliptic, MUA shade 2, MAC Moxie and Kiko 01

Next up was ALL the lip shades. Yep, all of them. I’m sure there are ones I’ve missed out too. I’ve had a new love every few days. Or every half day. I’ve been going to work wearing one lip shade, then when I get home applying a good bright one to wear all evening! Which may seem excessive but ah well, a good bright lipstick cheers me up no end. I’ve included swatches, the ones with flash are probably the closest to real life.

Without flash, left to right: Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celestial and Apocaliptic, MUA shade 2, MAC Moxie and Kiko 01
With flash, left to right: Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celestial and Apocaliptic, MUA shade 2, MAC Moxie and Kiko 01

The first was the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Celestial. This is a really gorgeous every day shade for me, it’s not a nude but it’s quite muted and wearable. The formulation is gorgeous, I don’t find it moves around my lips too much, it isn’t sticky. The wand is a helpful shape and size. Plus it’s easy to apply and smells pretty gorgeous. The other shade I have (and also love) is Apocaliptic. Oh my. This is bright pink, full on and in your face. Yet somehow utterly classy and wonderful. I know this is going to sound insane but I’m a pink person and for me finding this was like everyone else finding their perfect red. Ya know, wearing red lips when all your clothes are pink. Not classy.

The next is from MUA in shade 2 and for the bargain price of £1. As if?! This is a really nice formula, slightly shimmery pinky plum shade. It also works wonderfully on the cheeks. I really want to try more MUA lipsticks, if they are all this good I’ll be over the moon!

MAC Moxie, have I mentioned this before in a favourites? I feel like I have. This is bold, certainly on my skin tone not for the faint hearted. It’s a matte formula, I don’t find it too drying, it’s long lasting and actually quite easy to apply straight from the tube. I look after my lips well though, lots of exfoliation and lipsalve, plus my lips aren’t the driest. If you have dry flaky lips this formula may be problematic for you.

Finally for lips is the Kiko lavish lips creamy lipgloss in 01. Whilst in similar packaging to the Revlon balm/stains this isn’t a stain and is far more slippery feeling. The shade is what sold this too me, it’s a gorgeous peach. Pretty sheer but buildable this is perfect for work and everyday. Especially considering its in a crayon form so easy to apply on the go. I would definitely buy more of these to wear at work.

MAC quad, clockwise from bottom left: Kid, Amber Lights, Club and Sable. Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo in pink gold.

Then there was eyeshadow. The Maybelline Colour Tattoo in pink gold was a real stand out for the month. As I wore the on and on bronze shade all January, I wore this one all February. As February is the month of romance it felt appropriate to be wearing a slight pink eye shadow. This paired with MAC sable in the crease is a gorgeous combo.

Finally, I came up with my perfect MAC neutral quad. Dubious on the truly neutral front but this is me. I’m not going to put in swatches as I’ve just dyed my arm with the lipstick swatching! These four are definitely the best ones in my current opinion (Kid, Amber Lights, Club and Sable). Plus they all go quite nicely with my pink gold colour tattoo 😛 see, I’m being organised.

I hope you all had wonderful February’s! I really enjoyed mine, I had my 23rd birthday 🙂 with lots of time spent with friends and family which was perfect. Plus my boy spoilt me utterly rotten cooking me pancakes for breakfast and veggie bolognese for dinner, my perfect meals. Isn’t he the best?

Fleur xoxo


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