£20 Makeup Challenge #2

In the second of my £20 makeup challenges, I decided to go for a winter into spring look. So halfway between a bit of deep smokiness and pretty spring pastels. I was lucky enough to find a gorgeous eyeshadow palette from NYC cosmetics that would help me achieve this.

To start with I did the same as in my first attempt and mixed the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in light 2 (£4.19) with some moisturiser. I then smoothed this all across my face as a tinted moisturiser. This time I used only one ‘roll’ of the concealer on the back of my hand, for a more sheer level of coverage.

I then used the concealer actually *shock* as a concealer 😛 I applied this around my nose, on the blue areas around my eyes and either side of my mouth.

After that I applied the Collection Lasting Colour Eyebrow Definer in blonde (£2.79) on my eyebrows. I used a cotton bud to ‘brush’ it out and blend out any harsh lines.

Next, I started on the eyes, using the NYC Colour Instinct Eye Shadow Palette in Cupcakes and Coffee (£3.49). I used the mini applicator included with the eyeshadow palette to apply the shadows then my little finger to blend out.

NYC Colour Instinct Eye Shadow Palette in Cupcakes and Coffee
NYC Colour Instinct Eye Shadow Palette in Cupcakes and Coffee: Look at those swatches! Aren’t those shadows gorgeous shades?!

I used the peach shade all over the lid. Then applied the purple shade into the crease then down to the lash line and swept across forming a triangle. I also applied this to the outer half of the lower lash line. I applied the smaller triangle shaped shadow into the inner corner of my eye and blended it a little along each lash line. Finally I put the last shade as a brow highlight. I realised I should have switched the two highlighting shades as that one actually has a lilac sheen – ah well! I know for next time 🙂

I finished up the eyes by curling my lashes and applying the Boots Natural Collection LashCurl Mascara (£1.99) in black/brown to top and bottom lashes. This mascara turns out to be pretty nice and even better doesn’t appear to smudge or flake.

I finished off the look by using the MUA lipstick in shade 2 (£1.00). I applied this to my cheeks and blended with my fingers out for blush before sweeping the bullet across my lips.

MUA Lipstick in Shade 2

This meant my total came to £13.46. This left £6.54, which means I could have bought an actual blush. Or indeed, I could do a similar base and lip look but use a Sleek iDivine and create all kinds of eye looks. Or perhaps buy a single £1 eyeshadow and the Maybelline gel eyeliner! There are so many good options 😀 which means I can’t wait to do more of these posts. In fact I can’t wait to use this eyeshadow palette again to create a different look.

Hope you’re enjoying this as a potential series, I know I am.

Fleur xoxo


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