MAC Mondays: My Favourites: The Pinks and Purples!

My favourite colour is and pretty much has always been pink. Including the many years where liking pink was massively unpopular at my school and I pretended I hated it – whilst planning my dream bedroom with all pink everything ha! So, really it should come as no surprise that my very first MAC eye shadows were a pink and a purple. I’ve had them a long time and am still entirely in love with them. I really need a job where wearing brights to work is acceptable. Or maybe I just need to go ahead and wear them anyway?

Back to the eye shadow! This week is all about the purple and pink. Seedy Pearl should probably be included in this week but it is going in with the neutrals… Simply because when I swatched everything up, that is where it was living!

From bottom left, clockwise: Laven-dah!, Stars ‘n’ Rockets, Parfait Amour and Satellite Dreams.

Left to right: Laven-dah!, Stars ‘n’ Rockets, Parfait Amour and Satellite Dreams.
Left to right: Laven-dah!, Stars ‘n’ Rockets, Parfait Amour and Satellite Dreams.
Laven-dah! is a matte finish eye shadow. Perhaps a tiny bit chalky to some, I find it gorgeous, soft as silk and utterly delectable. I believe this was limited edition in 2003? Oops! I’ve had this one a long time, which shows as it is the one with the biggest dent – I think I am quite close to hitting pan on it. I won’t wax lyrical about it as you most likely wont be able to buy it now… However, it is pretty gorgeous and if MAC re-release it I’d recommend it. Particularly if you are relatively fair (I’m an NW15 in MAC). It is gorgeous as a base for a purple or pink look, even paired with a deep blackened purple for a smokey eye. I love it.

Stars ‘n’ Rockets is one of MAC’s veluxe pearl eye shadows. This is probably my all time favourite eye shadow. It is certainly the first bright MAC eye shadow I would repurchase should I lose all of mine somehow. It is a gorgeous bright pop of pink with a blue shimmer undertone. So depending on what you layer this over and with – the colour can really change to be more pink, purple or blue. You can wear this all over the lid, which is lovely. I particularly like doing half a lid of this and half a lid of Freshwater (which you can see in my blues post!). 

Parfait Amour is a frost finish eye shadow. I bought this alongside Laven-dah! and wore these two eye shadows solely for a couple of years. This works well as a liner or as a crease shade. In fact now I’m not afraid of wearing full on makeup – it also works well all over the lid with a darker colour in the crease. In some lights it is a little more blue toned. This works for me, in fact all these eye shadows are more blue toned pinks and purples. It isn’t as pigmented as it could be but is lovely. It hasn’t had enough love from me recently.

Satellite Dreams is another veluxe pearl finish. This shadow is just gorgeous. Another one I would repurchase in a flash. Again, as a liner this is perfection, as a crease shade, to create a smokey eye, paired with a green to do a half and half eyelid. Yep, I’m a loving this one. This is the purple I’d recommend to the colour shy. Use it as a liner, mixed with some black to change up your look a tiny bit. Use it in a black smokey eye to add a little dimension. Slowly work your way up to that colour you know you need in your life 😛 Even, as a tiny pop of colour, use your black liner on your top lashes then smudge a tiny bit of this through your lower lashes. It adds something a little different, wakes up your look, without taking you too far from your comfort zone. If you love colour, this is definitely worth a look. 

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow in Universal Appeal

Swatches from different parts of the baked shadow

Universal Appeal was again a limited edition eye shadow from last year, sorry! It is lovely though. This contains that bit of purple and all the colours to make a neutral eye with a difference. You can highlight with the gold, smoke/contour and line with the brown and then add a pop of purple into the centre of the lid or on the lower lashline. Gorgeous. This is a really easy to use eye shadow and great for travelling. I’m definitely going to check out more mineralize eye shadows in future. The pigmentation is great, it blends well, the colours are great – what more do you need?

I hope you enjoyed the purples? I love my purples and writing this post made me realise how much I miss them. I need to get that clear MAC 15 palette and de-pot them already! I want them out on my dressing table so I can reach for them more easily 🙂

I hope you all had an acceptable Monday. Mine was nothing special but I did have a little splurge at Boots, oops! It made my Monday though, my first day back after half term – and it was all things I needed (bar the two lipsticks 😉 …).

Fleur xoxo


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