MAC Mondays: Green Eyeshadows

Green might not be everybody’s first choice of eye shadow. However, I think on most eye colours it can look really nice. I haven’t included the greens in my neutral palette, the greens that are most muted such as sumptuous olive and club. They are greens and some people would put them in the green category. For me though, green means brights. So these are my bright greens! At first glance, they look quite similar… Swatch them and the beauty appears.

From left clockwise: MAC Aquadisiac, Haunting and Steamy.

From left to right: MAC Steamy, Aquadisiac and Haunting.


From left to right: MAC Steamy, Aquadisiac and Haunting.

Steamy eye shadow is a frost finish. Which I love. It is super easy to apply, really easy to blend looks gorgeous as a wash all over the eye with a deeper colour in the crease – or even just pop a tiny bit of black into the crease and blend right out to deepen it. Perfection. I don’t wear this as often as I should and I have resolved to get it out more. Whilst, yes, it does look fairly bright don’t be misled. I have swatched it fairly heavily and as a light wash over the lid, it just looks gorgeous and not quite so bright and intense! I’ll have to do a FOTD and show you. I need (or, you know, want) to buy Humid to pair with this.

Aquadisiac is (I believe) a lustre finish, mine doesn’t have the finish written on it anywhere. However, it feels like one and the internet confirms my inkling. I have to confess, this has yet to reach being worn, bad blogger. This is simply because I don’t have enough days where I can wear brights. I have become braver with the makeup I wear to work and no-one has complained yet… So maybe someday soon I will just crack out the brights week round. Having said all that, look at it *sighs* it is a shadow of beauty. I cannot wait to wear it.
Haunting is a satin finish. This one goes beautifully blended with a light pink. Gorgeous for a pastel look. I guess I’ll just have to show you someday. This one was a limited edition or doesn’t exist in the collection anymore, so I’m not going to go on about it. Its nice but I think Aquadisiac may just worm its way into position over this one.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my greens 🙂 it definitely made me aware I am very much lacking a pure deep green. Humid, you are well and truly on my shopping list. As is a clear topped pallete so that I can have my brights in easy access form and therefore will actually use them!
Fleur xoxo


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