MAC Mondays: Black Smokey Eye Shadow Quad

Whilst I was still at uni, I felt the need for a quad that I could use to create a striking smokey eye. So, a dark black, two shades of grey and a highlight. This would mean I could create all kinds of smokey eye looks with just that one palette; from a full on dark eye to a lightly smoked eye. So, on this MAC Monday, say ‘hello’ to the lovely quad of smoke.

From bottom left, clockwise: Forgery, Idol Eyes, Knight Divine and Nehru.

Left to right: Forgery, Idol Eyes, Knight Divine and Nehru.

 Forgery eye shadow is a lustre finish. To be perfectly honest, I probably wouldn’t buy this eye shadow again, it is relatively gritty and requires some blending to look nice. It is definitely not one of my favourites! However, having bought it, I do use it and it is workable once you get used to it… Plus it does give some super bright highlighting action with the ability to sheer it down depending on what you want. It will scatter glittery dust all over your palette and probably your face though!

Idol Eyes is also a lustre finish. However, it isn’t half as gritty nor does it have as much tendency to poof everywhere. As you can probably see from the swatch, it shines beautifully. When I am going for a darker, or more natural smokey eye (using just this and Knight Divine), I often go for this as my highlight (though obviously not along the browbone… *sighs*).

Knight Divine is a veluxe pearl. This is the true winner of this palette. Just look at it! This combined with Idol Eyes is gorgeous. As the mid shade it is lovely. Combine it with blues, greens and even browns. I’m pretty sure you could put this with a purple too. I know there is something strange about putting a reflective eye shadow in the crease but sometimes I love it. A lot of the time I love it. The time for all matte eye shadows is when I’m older.

Nehru has a matte finish. This looks pretty patchy… It really isn’t the best black out there but it is nice enough. On a brush it seems to transfer a little more and I’ve created some pretty dramatic looks with it in my time. However, there has to be a better MAC black out there. You know, even my swatches of the sleek iDivine blacks look better than this! Basically, its good but its not great.

Overall, I probably didn’t do so well with choosing out these shades. However, it was my first real foray into the world of more neutral shades instead of brights… Regardless, I did really well with the middle two shades (Knight Divine and Idol Eyes) and as a palette, it functions exactly how I wanted it to.

If you take anything away from this post it should be this: don’t rush into decisions with MAC eyeshadows. They aren’t they cheapest and you will regret it if you buy one you then don’t like. Also, take away the beauty of Knight Divine. If you only buy one grey eye shadow in your life, imho it should be that one.

I hope you are all having a lovely Monday!

Fleur xoxo

2 thoughts on “MAC Mondays: Black Smokey Eye Shadow Quad

  1. Halima - Fashionicide says:

    This looks like a lovely quad!

    Although I do agree with not rushing into purchasing MAC eyeshadow, plenty of dupes out there which are much cheaper. Knight Divine is gorgeous though, I am guilty of owning this absolute beat 😉 xo


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