Review: Boots Simply Sensitive Eye Make-up Remover

As you may know if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, I really like the Boots Simply Sensitive range. For example, I absolutely adore the anti-redness serum and use the foaming cleanser on a daily basis as I discussed when I talked about my daily cleansing routine.

So, when I finished my Simple Kind to Eyes Make-up Remover, which I absolutely adored, I thought I would try the Boots Simply Sensitive Eye Make-up Remover. The blurb on the bottle made it sound pretty great:

‘ No Fragrance, No Colour, Hypo-allergenic, Dermatologically Tested.’

‘This hypo-allergenic lotion with aloe vera softens as it works. It has a blend of light oils to gently sweep away even waterproof makeup.’

All in all, that sounds pretty amazing doesn’t it?

I didn’t really study the ingredients when I bought it but the ingredients are: Paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil), Isopropyl palmitate, Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, Aloe barbadensis leaf.

I work in a lab and get to see and handle a lot of chemicals as pure substances. Having looked at and had mineral oil on my hands – I don’t want that on my face. So I have slowly been going through my skincare routine and removing anything that has mineral oil in it. Not a great start for this product. As well as that I made a resolution for clearer skin in 2013, mineral oil blocks pores right up. Hmmm.

Isopropyl palmitate is derived from palm oil (which I try to avoid in everything from food to cosmetics, lets try not to destroy the rainforest guys…) and is also a contender for blocking pores right up! Technically, its fine but realistically this is a chemical that people with acne or sensitive skin may want to avoid… Right.

So, I definitely should have read the label before purchasing this. Frankly, if I had I wouldn’t have bought it.

Having said all that, if it worked wonders, I would probably still be saying ‘this is great but watch out for the ingredients’. It didn’t.

Using this was worse than the months I used a face cream as eye make-up remover when I accidentally bought that because it was in the same bottle and I didn’t realise. So, worse than using something which really wasn’t intended for use as an eye make-up remover.

This worked really well at taking my eyebrow pencil off. It worked moderately well at getting eye shadow and lipstick off. Then mascara… No, not a hope. I was rubbing away at my eyes for a good while and it barely removed anything. Then when I opened my eyes up, oh yeah, that delightful oily film *sighs*. This is not the product for me.

At £2.79, this sounded like a bargain not to be missed. If you wore very minimal make-up… No, I’d still 100% recommend you went for the Simple eye-make-up remover. If you read my review of that, you’ll see why. Also, when I was finding the price for this, I had a quick flick through the online reviews on the Boots website. It has largely been slated :/

I really wanted to love this product but unfortunately, I really don’t. Let me know if you’ve tried it and liked it! Maybe I’m not using it quite right… I get the feeling that it really is a case of ‘its not me, its you’ though.

Apologies for the negativity, I’ll be back to my normal vaguely sunny self with my next post 🙂

Fleur xoxo


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