Review: milk_shake Conditioning Whipped Cream

I feel like I have so many products I want to review at the moment. So many things I want to blog about. Yet life seems to consistently stop me blogging. We don’t appreciate that. I’m hoping that now I’ve started again I will keep the impetus and keep writing all the things I want to write for you!

I received the milk_shake Conditioning Whipped Cream in my December GlossyBox. Initially I put this product aside to try another time because I didn’t really feel like my hair needed extra leave-in conditioning products. However, with the onset of dry weather I decided to give it a go anyway.

milk_shake conditioning whipped cream
What the bottle says: 
‘No rinse conditioning & protective creamy foam for all hair types.’

‘Formulated to condition the hair keeping moisture balance and preserving the hair colour integrity. It leaves the hair soft, shiny and healthy. The milk proteins improve the hair structure and conditioning, special emollients give long lasting hydration and the Integrity(R) guarantees a great colour sealing.’

Over the summer I lightened my hair using the John Frieda lightening spray. This helped my hair become blonder and less greasy but also damaged it slightly. Also, as my hair has grown longer it needs a little more looking after. Greasier roots and dry ends is right where I’m heading for. So, actually, a conditioning treatment you can apply and leave in after washing sounds quite perfect for those ends. I do not in any way have dry hair though, or particularly greasy hair any more (just the roots), so if you are at extremes of the spectrum this review may not help you.

First of all, the scent of this… Heaven. If you like the smell of aerosol cream and baking and vanilla, you’ll love this. When I get home from work, the first thing I do is take my hair down. I then get an amazing waft of this, I love it.

Secondly, this makes my hair feel a lot like ‘new hair’. You know when you go to the hairdressers and just after your hair feels all new and amazing. This helps get my hair to that stage. It literally leaves my hair super soft and silky. It is a mousse but doesn’t leave hair crispy at all. It isn’t like a lot of leave in conditioners that leave my hair a little greasy looking. It is the perfect balance. Oh and its easy to use. Shake, squirt and scrunch. That sounds kind of wrong! 😛

Added to that it helps with my frizz nightmare without weighing my hair down. I do always use a gel heat protectant with it, however this has little effect on the condition of my hair. I simply use it to protect against heat damage. I can use the whipped cream, roughly blow dry my hair and it will sit nicely all day, bearing in mind I don’t mind a little frizz. If I want no frizz at all, I just add the tiniest amount of serum, put most of it through the ends and then smooth the top of my hair down. Done. When I blow dry my hair properly, I wouldn’t even need that.

Also, I swear it helps my hair to dry that little faster. With it being extremely flammable, that isn’t too surprising a concept. After perhaps a month of using this, the can still feels really full, so I think it will last a good while too.

My only two quibbles with this are: it doesn’t protect amazingly against humidity – so when I have my head over a boiling sink, I get frizz 😦 However, if I have added that tiny bit of serum or hair oil, it will be fine. Also, it being a mousse, sometimes in the top of the cap you get that random froth, which looks a little gross. The addition of an opaque lid would please my need for tidiness and cleanliness.

So, overall, I really like this product. I’d give it an 8/10, if it included heat protection and anti-humidity then it would be ideal. I will most likely repurchase this as it is just so darn nice. However, there are other things I want to try once it runs out so we shall see! I think the scent will keep me coming back for more, I love me a good smelling head of hair. If you love vanilla and are in the market for an easy to use leave-in conditioner style product this may work for you. You can purchase this from various places, including Beauty Bay and Feel Unique, from £11.95. For a complete list of stockists check out the milk_shake website.

Have you tried this? What did you think?

Fleur xoxo


3 thoughts on “Review: milk_shake Conditioning Whipped Cream

  1. Corinne says:

    I use this every time I was m hair. I got it in my December glossy box and have used it 3-4 times a week since then and there is still a few washes left. I LOVE IT. So much that I bought the full size product and also a shampoo of theirs which I am waiting for in the post. I'm currently drying my hair after using this and can smell that wonderful smell as I type this, ha!

    Corinne x


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