December favourites!

So, I’m a little late to the favourites this month. I’d somehow with travelling back from Manchester and starting back at work forgotten I really needed to get this post up! Anyway, I am finally getting round to it now 🙂

This won’t be a 2012 favourites. I thought I would do my yearly favourites on my blog anniversary, it seems more appropriate. Plus it means I won’t be adding to the massive amounts of favourites everyone is sharing right now! I do love it but it can be overwhelming!

So lets go for it!

Makeup Item

This blush came in my December Glossybox and barely a day has gone past since then that I haven’t worn it. I love it that much. It is just perfect for a natural flush that isn’t over the top. The pigmentation is just right and it is super soft and blendable. Perfect.


I bought this watch in the summer, I’ve been looking for a smart watch that suited me and I liked for a long time. However, I hadn’t really had an opportunity to wear it. My work watch gets dipped in all sorts of chemicals and the rest of the time I didn’t want to wear it and lose it or whatever. When I went to Manchester I decided to finally wear this one. It is just so smart and yet also elegant.


I’m not sure I actually read a book in December I was that busy… No I lie. I did read a couple. Anyway, this has immediately become my favourite book. I’ve spent ages sat in bed flicking through it ogling at the cupcakes! So many tasty recipes I need to make immediately. However, I need to lose my Christmas fat and I want to start toning up for summer already. So, I may make some but take them into work 🙂

Look I Want To Copy

I thought it would be interesting to share a look I want to copy. I spend a lot of time on the #fotd and #maccosmetics pages of Instagram getting inspiration. Along with following Vogue UK on various platforms. Between the two I find so many looks to copy. Often I will screenshot them so I have them saved on my phone and can do so. This one was posted by Vogue on their fb page. I adore the way the eyeshadows blend into each other a well as the colours used. As I didn’t read the article that went with the photograph I cannot tell you who did the makeup etc, sorry.

Photo I took and edited

Everyone needs to share the things they created that they think are beautiful. Sure my ‘creation’ in this was the taking of a photo and the addition of some filters… It’s still a form of creation though. Maybe one day I’ll share a drawing with you, if I get my drawing back up to scratch ever.


This Topshop skirt. I have wanted a skater skirt for literally ever. I think they are just so cute and make a winter outfit so much more fun and feminine instantly. What more could you want? It is super easy to wear, has washed well and is generally good quality and lovely.

Christmas present

Is it bad to rank your Christmas presents? I think subconsciously we all must. Obviously I loved them all and feel so lucky that I do get presents. Just some seem to mean more than others do. My favourite isn’t my biggest or most expensive, it so rarely is. It isn’t something I asked for and that’s almost the best part. Sure, maybe a knitted polar bear hat isn’t the most flattering or fashionable but I love it. My boy bought this for me, amongst a selection of beautiful and superbly well thought out gifts. Kind of shows how well he must know me 🙂

Anyway, enough soppiness for one day! I hope you enjoyed my slightly random selection of favourites this month.

Fleur xoxo


8 thoughts on “December favourites!

  1. Fleur says:

    I haven't received mine yet. I normally get mine around the middle of the month. About the 15th-20th. They always send me an email saying its been dispatched and it usually arrives the next day or sometimes the day after that. So I wouldn't start worrying yet 🙂 xo


  2. Fleur says:

    Aw thank you 🙂 I need to try to make sure I have daylight for my photos, makes them so much better… And clearer. I think everyone needs an animal hat 🙂 xo


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