A peek into Christmas with Moi and the Mama.

Christmas Day this year was just me and my mum at home. Which was both lovely as we got to spend time together but also slightly sad that we weren’t all together as a big family. It did, however, mean that we could be crazy and potter about at our own speed. Also as my stomach is a sad place and I cannot eat that much, or certain foods or drink alcohol at the moment, it meant that I didn’t feel awkward or sad.

So here are some pictures of my darling mother and I having far too much fun! As well as showing you some photos of the presents I received. This isn’t me boasting – I just love seeing other peoples presents so thought I would show you some of mine. I was really quite spoilt this year, I have a wonderful family and the sweetest friends.

I hope you all had a wonderful time whether you celebrate Christmas or not! The holidays are always a good time of year for general relaxing and feasting (it’s winter after all and we need those calories :P).

Fleur xoxo

Reading Another Night Before Christmas by Carol Ann Duffy – a new Christmas tradition 

Sugar Plum fairy cracker

Father Christmas bought me… A mini frying pan?
Cute bow earrings
Christmas FOTD whilst cooking up a storm!
Bubbly pear juice. It was a little sickly but helped me overcome my champagne cravings!
My mother and I attempting to take a photo together, more to come haha.
Oh dear!
Better… Looking slightly scared though…
Awww, this is the one!
Christmas dinner – far too much food! We had roast duck, stuffing, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, peas, brussel sprouts, bread sauce and gravy. Oh and pigs in blankets – yes!
Presents from Holly – so many exciting, beautifully wrapped gifts!
ALCOHOL FREE Christmas pudding! You have no idea how happy I was when I saw this in Sainsburys!
The slightly sparse looking Christmas tree, our other fake one looked much better!

My Aunt being a genuinely amazing present giver bought me the Laura Mercier colour-to-go palette! How beautiful does it look. I need to do a FOTD using this soon 🙂
OPI from my mum 🙂 4 bottles from the Skyfall collection. I am currently wearing Goldeneye and loving it.
Inside the packaging! My presents from Holly. I’m so excited to paint those masks – I fully intend to make them amazing.
My mum playing with her present to herself – an iPad!
Hot chocolate with whipped cream – an essential in my winter life 😛
A super quick pic of goldeneye whilst it was drying.
The beautiful Habitat lit tree.
Table decorations – essential.
A daytime shot of the tree 🙂
Cinnamon and orange scented wreath – smells like Christmas!
A final shot of the tree!

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