Haul: H&M and Topshop!

It’s been such a while since I did a clothing haul post… Which would be because its been such a long time since I’ve bought anything. I got a few things over the summer but more practical things like shoes and pj’s. Nothing I was particularly excited about!

So a few weeks ago I got my H&M catalogue and saw some Christmas jumpers that I knew I had to have. When I went online to buy one for me and one for my mum I found a few other things as well. I also had been really wanting a skater skirt so when I was Christmas shopping last weekend and I saw one in the window of Topshop I had to try it on – and I fell in love šŸ™‚

I’ve never really spent much money on clothing. Ever. I therefore have an awful lot of clothes that aren’t particularly nice. I also have a lot of clothes I never wear because they just aren’t me any more and as I bought them in charity shops they just aren’t beautiful.

I’m slowly growing into my own style and revamping my wardrobe. I wear a lot of my old clothes to work because frankly as I’m wearing a lab coat over the top – no one can see them. However, for the weekends I want to look lovely. Especially when I’m out with my boy or my friends.

Sometime soon I will need to go through my wardrobe and get rid of even more things.

Ā H&M delivery!

Christmas Jumper!

Chinos šŸ™‚ they are actually red – not orange…

Love birds oversized jumper – so soft and fluffy!


Skater skirt from Topshop

I really love everything I bought. I think my Christmas outfit is going to be the skater skirt and Christmassy jumper šŸ™‚ perfection!
Fleur xoxo

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