NOTD: Seche Nail Varnish in Inspiration

Loads of nail posts at the mo and loads more lined up. I’ve been painting my nails every two days at the moment! A little crazy but I can’t get enough of trying all the nail varnishes that have been lacking love from me currently.

This particular varnish arrived in my December glossybox, which happened to be amazing by the way. I chose to put this varnish on because it looked like an orange-red with gold shimmer through it. How wrong was I?! It was more of a bright orange-pink with a blue-gold shimmer running through it. So not particularly Christmassy or appropriate for the time of year! However, it was utterly gorgeous. So that’s fine. I don’t think I managed to catch the colour perfectly on camera but it gives you an idea!

I did one coat of Nails Inc. Kensington caviar base coat, two coats of the Seche colour varnish in inspiration and then one coat of Nails Inc Kensington caviar top coat.

Lasting power of this was good. I took it off after two days because I wanted a more christmassy varnish but could have worn it longer. Also considering the wear and tear my hands get – that’s pretty good!

Are you getting excited for the holidays now? I finished for the year today so I finally am starting to 🙂

Fleur xoxo


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