Glamorous and Glitter

Last week I got the opportunity to do the makeup for a shoot. Whilst I had so many ideas of different makeup that I could do, we decided to go for a more Christmas party kind of look. A very full on Christmas party, perhaps not the work one unless you work with artistic types πŸ˜› For example had I gone to my Christmas party anything more than a slick of lipstick and extra mascara would probably have been too much… Quite upsetting!

Unfortunately the glitter I had seems to have more of a blue/green undertone than is apparent in the bottle. It looks a pure white/silver, which would have been perfect. So, it could quite easily have strayed into a mermaid look, perhaps another time that could be a possibility with full on ‘scales’ and all.

First of all I created a smokey eye, using black for a dramatic impact. This looked great by itself and I think with dark hair you can really create an amazing smokey eye without it looking at all overdone but quite beautiful. I then used eyelash glue before packing the glitter on. By creating a smokey eye underneath there is still some definition to the eye even with all the glitter on top.

I wanted the eyes to be the main impact so I chose a very much ‘lips-but-better’ lip shade – actually the MAC spice lip pencil which suits so many skin tones. Even though I wanted the eyes to be the focus I still did a fair amount of contouring and quite a heavy blush to make sure that under bright lights the skin was not entirely washed out.

I hope you enjoyed seeing something a little different and I am definitely hoping to do more shoots as it is so much fun to experiment of other peoples faces. Does that sound crazy? I hope you know what I mean!

If you want to see more of my beautiful and quite lovely model you can find her on her facebook page or her website!

Fleur xoxo


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