NOTD: Barry M’s Chameleon Pink

I received this nail varnish in the pocket of my advent calendar today! I was intending to paint my nails today anyway and couldn’t resist having a play around with this before I dive into full on Christmas colours!

It is from the chameleon colour change range of nail polishes from Barry M. They start off one colour then when you paint a top coat over it, the parts underneath will change to a different colour. The shade I received is chameleon pink. This starts of a shimmery, gold pink and changes to a deep shimmery purple on the application of a top coat.

I am so lucky to have a mum that loves makeup and especially nail varnish. Last Christmas she bought me my first bottle of OPI varnish and I can always expect some exciting things from her 🙂 so lucky.

I hope you like what I did with the varnish, I was just having a play so its not perfect nor perfectly applied, sorry.

Fleur xoxo

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