Review: Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in 06 Berry

I bought this product over the summer having been buying a 24hr colour tattoo shadow, there was a 3 for 2 offer on Maybelline products so I thought I would have a swatch of various things and see if I liked anything. This blush felt really good to the touch and looked a lovely colour so I just popped it in my basket. At £6.49 I figured even if it was terrible I wouldn’t have wasted that much money. I bought the shade 06 Berry.

Swatch in natural daylight but without light directly on it.

Swatch directly in sunlight.

Maybelline say: ‘Soft, natural colour. This amazingly soft cream blush blends into skin to brighten your complexion adding a kiss of colour to cheeks, giving you a naturally flushed look. Cheeks have a soft hue of natural colour that lasts all day long!’

Where they say amazingly soft… Believe it. Okay, this is most likely down to the large quantities of silicone in the product but as long as you don’t react to silicone this isn’t that major an issue. What it really means is the product feels like silk, slippery and soft. You can tap it onto your cheeks and blend super easily.

Lasts all day long? My foundation barely lasts all day long… On a day when I am not at work, this lasts amazingly and will still be there in the evening. If you find your foundation tends to slide – this may not work well for you. If your foundation tends to stay where you put it – so should this.

They say it is a natural colour. Well, I think that is not only subjective but also varies a lot from person to person. On me, this is a gorgeous, what I think of as natural flush. Just like I’ve just been out for a walk. There is a slight shimmer to it, the more you blend it the more this seems to come out. I quite like the shimmer as I’m already highlighting my cheekbones away and this just helps give my face a healthy look!

To use this, I either use the Real Techniques contour brush or my fingers. Both work equally well. I have also used this on my lips. To help you weigh it up:

Good points:

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Easy to use
  3. Lovely colour
  4. Natural effect
  5. Super soft product
  6. Lovely packaging, it is a glass container with a secure plastic lid.
What might put you off:
  1. The shimmer
  2. The fact it contains a lot of silicones 
  3. Obviously if you prefer powder blush
  4. If you have oilier skin it may slip
I happen to think this is a really nice product and I cannot stop using it recently. 
Have you tried this? What is your favourite cream blush?
Fleur xoxo

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