November Favourites!

Favourites time again 🙂 my favourite time of the month. I love seeing what everyone is using. I’m going back to talking about items in categories for this month. I have a few things that aren’t beauty related that I feel the need to share!

Beauty: Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in 06

When the weather gets colder I start turning towards cream products a little more than usual. My skin tends to be a tiny drier than usual and I can get away with creamy products. This blush is particularly lovely. The colour for me is just perfect, it is shimmery which normally I wouldn’t like but this seems to work somehow. I apply this using the real techniques contour brush. Dipping it into the pot then dabbing dots up my cheeks before blending out. It is really easy to use whether you like a strong blush or a light natural one. I feel it makes me look healthy, which is always a bonus! I will definitely be doing a review of this soon.
Jewellery: Green Tea Macaroon Necklace

I don’t actually own this but I can’t stop looking at it whenever I open up my computer. I think as necklaces go this is super cute. In case you hadn’t realised, I quite like cute things! Everything Hello Kitty, everything pretty, everything pink… I probably won’t end up buying this as I very rarely wear any necklaces though I may buy it to hang in my room somewhere. You can find them here
Book: Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I didn’t actually read this book in the last month, I read it a few years ago. However, I was reminded about it when I went to the cinema and saw that they were turning it into a film! I absolutely loved the book. I really enjoy the slightly more interesting, fantastical books out there. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you can watch it here. I would definitely recommend the book and I cannot wait to see the film!
Film/TV: Easy A

I really enjoyed this film. In part because I do love Emma Stone and Penn Badgley. Maybe it isn’t the best, most intellectually stimulating, visually stunning etc. etc. film I’ve seen this month. However, it was a good laugh and I think a bit of a different premise to a lot of films out there. 
Brand: Kiko Cosmetics

Whilst I was on holiday I picked up a whole range of things from Kiko. I have honestly loved everything I bought and am using them all the time. Its not often I walk up to a stall of makeup and want to buy everything. Its not often that when I do buy a whole lot of things I like them all. I’m a brights girl and kiko do brights amazingly. They also seem to do neutrals pretty well too from the brown and brown/gold eye pencils I bought. I talked about what I bought here if you want more information and a few swatches 🙂 
Blog: Will Work For Makeup

I tend to flick through my blogger dashboard and choose the posts that look most exciting to read. By most exciting – ones that are talking about things I am really interested in or love reading about. I have read every post from this blog this month. Go have a look 🙂
I hope you had a wonderful November and are looking forward to the holidays! 
Fleur xoxo


2 thoughts on “November Favourites!

  1. Fleur says:

    Same, I am gutted I didn't buy more of the eyeshadow sticks and eyeliners. They are just beyond gorgeous. I think they ship to the UK (hopefully I saw that right), so I may have to risk buying some more things online. At the price they are though it isn't really too much of a risk. x


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