Winchester Christmas Market

I love Christmas. There is just something perfect and magical about it. Even more, I love Christmas markets. They pop up all over the place and are filled with exciting things to buy, tempting food and jollity.

Today I went to a Christmas market really close to where I live, in Winchester. Winchester is a beautiful city to start with, it has gorgeous walks around it, beautiful buildings and the cathedral is just stunning. At this time of year it is even better – with all the Christmas lights up and a big Christmas tree – I love it. I didn’t go for very long and I will be going back, mainly for the outdoor ice rink, some bratwurst and hot chocolate! As well as seeing if I can buy some presents.

The ice rink is real ice, which definitely makes all the difference! Then all the stalls are little wooden chalets, lit up with Christmassy lights on the outside and floodlit on the inside so that if you go in the early evening (the best time to go in my opinion) you can still see everything.

The great thing about this market, as opposed to say the Manchester one, is that a lot of the products are handmade in England and of really high quality. As well as that you get to talk to the craftspeople themselves about their work which makes for a real feeling of love and care in buying a present. They may be a little more expensive than imported items but I think the price difference is worth it. Plus I greatly believe in supporting local artists and craftspeople.

I would love to go to one of the massive Christmas markets in Germany one year. Sadly it won’t be this one as I’ve already been to Germany this year! In the summer we did find the wine festivals which were amazing, so I can only imagine how good the Christmas markets are!

If you live in the south of England it could be worth a visit, it isn’t the biggest or beat but it is the cutest and nicest I’ve been to. There are also lots of other things to do in Winchester along with the all important Christmas shopping! You can visit here if you want more information!

I hope you have had a lovely Sunday 🙂

Fleur xoxo

Apologies for the grainy iPhone photos.

My boy enjoying the markets. 
Me and the Christmas lights!
The best stall. Wreaths of cinnamon and dried oranges. The scent is heavenly.
I bought some sweets!
Basically just perfect 🙂

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