What’s in my bag?

I’ve been meaning to do one of these posts for ages, mainly because I am super nosey and love seeing what other people have in their bags. Thus it is only fair that I show you what I have in mine! As I have a new bag (wait for it) bought in Florence. Ooops, yes, can you tell that I spent rather a lot of money on this holiday? All worth it, though I will literally be buying and doing as little as possible in the month of November as a result!

Back the the handbaggery! Oh also, I’m a little hyper today, if I don’t edit this before it goes up to remove all the completely crazy, I apologise. I blame being force fed chocolate fingers at work today…

This is my new handbag 🙂 I bought it for €35 in Florence, which isn’t bad at all considering that it is realy leather and (in my opinion anyway) quite beautiful and unique. Plus it is really sturdy, well put together and should hopefully last me a good while.

Inside my handbag. It has a little zipped pouch in the centre which seperates the bag into two halves, then another zipped pouch on one outside and a phone slot and well lipstick slot (that’s what I shall use it for) on the other outside.

Inside I have:

A purse from Accesorize, I love the butterfly detail and it holds what I want really well.
Some Dr Bronner’s sanitising spray, Ren handcream that came free with a magazine, gum and a little purse from Florence that is headed out to my car to keep small change in for parking. I literally never have change in my purse so I’ve been collecting some 10p’s to put in here so I can actually park!

My keys! I don’t keep my car keys with my house keys as quite often I’m off walking and don’t need them – so I keep the two separate. I also have my gym membership card, a paperchase trolley coin (so useful) and a pewter flower keyring made by Fleur Grenier. I also always keep my house keys on a long lanyard so they are easy to find. This one was given to me (again!) in Florence when I bought a museum card.

I have a moleskin notebook, it is quite mini and only 50 pages long but perfect for quickly jotting down products I used in FOTD’s and any useful info I need to carry round with me. For example I have all my closest friends addresses written in here. I have a 2012 diary from paperchase a generic fine nibbed biro and some rescue remedy – which I rarely used and discovered today has basically run out…

Muji blotting papers, a random hairclip (no idea why I bothered to transfer this…), Canmake misty orange, L’Oreal nude ingenue rouge caresse, Rimmel nude delight and burts bees honey lipbalm. The painting has a mirror on the other side and is from an art gallery.

Finally but perhaps most importantly I have my rail card and ticket holder (not that I actually use the train on that regular a basis but I will forget it if it isn’t permanently in my handbag) and my phone with a lovely Little Mermaid cover from eBay (I am getting a different cover for Christmas but I wanted to indulge my inner child for just a while)!
I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the random things I carry round with me. Obviously this changes if I am off on a long journey or a day trip somewhere but on the whole, this is what is in my bag. It isn’t too much and perhaps you will be surprised at the lack of makeup (hmm, I do still have 3 lipsticks, maybe not then).
Is there anything you think I’m desperately missing from my bag?! 
Fleur xoxo

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6 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

  1. Fleur says:

    It's so fascinating isn't it! That's why I had to do this post! I didn't think it was quite fair for me to be constantly be (essentially) looking in other peoples bags without showing everyone what's in mine haha. I love it too, have to love Disney really… xo


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