Kuckoo for Kiko / Loving Italian Cosmetics

Sorry for the title, I couldn’t help myself! Basically whilst wandering round Florence, I discovered a makeup brand I had never heard of or seen before – Kiko ‘Make Up Milano’ Cosmetics. Since coming home and doing a little more research on them I have discovered that they retail in a few places, though mainly Italy and then Spain with a few stores elsewhere. Their website wasn’t too helpful when I was trying to work out where you can get their products shipped to but based on having to choose for 6 countries on the homepage, I’m guessing to only those… Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and (thankfully) the UK.

These were beautifully designed, stand alone stores, with prices similar to any of the high street brands over here. So €2.50 (£2) for an eyeliner, €4.90 (£3.93) for a lipstick and €12.90 (£10.34) for a foundation (using current conversion rates and just taking a random one of each, there are whole ranges of different eyeliners, lipsticks and foundations – all at different prices). I wish I had taken a photograph of the outside of the store and the displays but as it was one of the few places that wasn’t jam packed full of just tourists I felt I should leave off documenting the entirety of Florence! It was really beautiful though and a lovely experience. They even had little stations with cotton pads, buds and eyemakeup remover for cleaning up any swatches or if you wanted to try the makeup on yourself. How lovely is that?

Having swatched half the store, I came out with six things: two eyeliners, a pencil eyeshadow, two powder eyeshadows and a lip product similar in style to the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable’s but more of a balm.

Look at the packaging. Beaut ❤

Water eyeshadows in 225 and 226

Creamy Lipgloss in 01, Pencil Eyeshadow in 10, Vibrant Eye Pencil in 602, Smart Eye Pencil in 800

Water Eyeshadows in 225 and 226

Water Eyeshadows in 226 and 225

Using the pencil eyeshadow, vibrant eye pencil and water eyeshadow in 225:

Using the water eyeshadow in 225 and the smart eye pencil:

 (the only addition being the Smashbox hyperlash mascara)

I literally just swatched them on my face in the above photos. I didn’t have any other makeup on so please excuse, I cropped the pictures down so you can’t really see too much of my sad looking face! I wanted to get an idea of how they worked and liked the results so much I felt I might as well take some photos and show you! How gorgeous is that teal green eyeshadow pencil? I am in love with it already and it was so easy to create a super crazy winged look with. I can see some exciting FOTD’s coming up!

From first impressions I am truly amazed by this brand. I cannot wait to continue trying out the things I bought, I think they may well be headed towards favourites status already. I shall keep you posted!

Has you heard of / tried this brand? If so, what do you think of them?

Fleur xoxo


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