Perfect Present’s (Getting Ready for Christmas Already)

This may look like a sponsored post but I promise you it isn’t, I just really love this company and their products.

Heyland and Whittle are a small company based in Surrey in the UK (near where I live). They produce hand made soaps, candles and bath products using traditional techniques and quality ingredients. The products themselves are quite unique, often combining scents you wouldn’t normally see together or even separately in the standard high street offerings. They are also delightful, the bath bombs in particular leave skin feeling baby soft and smelling heavenly. I cannot rate these products highly enough.

I received one of their gift boxes for Christmas last year and am still using up the products. I have a cinnamon candle burning in my bedroom, honestly such a beautiful scent plus the candle looks beautiful. It has different colours of wax running through it which makes it look slightly like fire on the outside as well as inside.

I have also started using my cinnamon soap. I did have it in my jumper drawer where it was making all my clothes smell delightful. I finally decided with the onset of autumn it was time to use it. I almost wish I had waited till Christmas as it is the perfect cinnamon and orange scent I associate with Christmas.

At between £12.50 and £35 for a beautifully packaged box set that includes say bar of soap, candle and two bath bombs I think this is a really reasonably priced, awesome gift. Obviously different boxes contain different things. The more you spend, the more things you get. I would be really happy to receive one of these again and do actually intend on buying a few to give as gifts. I can think of several of my friends who would appreciate these.

You can also buy everything separately and, for example, their candle in a tin costs £12 and a bottle of foam bath is £10.50. So perhaps more than you would spend on yourself, though I wouldn’t say unreasonably so. Either way any of their products would make great presents.
You can buy direct from them at any of the shows they are attending (so events like Spirit of Christmas in London and the RHS Wisley craft fair). Otherwise and perhaps more practically unless you live in the south of England you can buy direct from their website here.  
I can’t wait to start my Christmas shopping! I know it is still a little early yet but I get really excited about trying to find people perfect presents.
Fleur xoxo


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