Blackheads Begone (Review)

A little bit of a different review from me, I generally talk about more skin nourishing products, I don’t tend to use skin clearing products. However, I do have blackheads and they were starting to get me down. So when I popped into Boots I had a quick look around the skin care section in the more teenage section! I knew I didn’t want a cleanser, I wanted something that I could put just on my nose, middle of my forehead and the sides of my chin, underneath the corners of my lips. Then I saw this product that proclaimed in its name ‘Blackhead Clearing Cleanser’. Perfect. 
Having looked at the ingredients, there aren’t too many – generally a sign that a product isn’t too fussy and is more likely to just get on and do what it is supposed to. I’m not too concerned about the chemicals I put on my skin as long as I know they aren’t toxic in the concentrations used. Which, considering I live in the UK and all our products are heavily regulated, they wont be. 
This product contains salicylic acid which I would hazard as being the main active ingredient. My skin really ‘likes’ salicylic acid and from experience it really helps with my keratosis pilaris. So I was more than happy to try this on my skin. It also contains quite a few alcohols, which isn’t ideal as some will dry out the skin but then pretty much every skin care product on the market contains some alcohols. BTW, ‘alcohol’ isn’t the only alcohol that can be in products though it is the one they will tell you about it something is ‘alcohol free’. In general anything with an ‘-ol’ at the end is an alcohol. 
So, how did it work?
I have been using this once a week, for about two months now. I just wipe over my T-zone, after cleansing the way I normally would, with this on a cotton pad and leaving it to dry before moisturising. I have also, every other week, soaked a cotton pad and held it against problem areas for a couple of minutes. I haven’t found this to irritate my skin overly. It does tingle a little when first applied but this feeling goes after under a minute.
Best of all, it actually works, you can really see the difference in my pores. They are a whole lot cleaner and clearer.  Even better they are smaller and I haven’t had half as many blemishes, even during that time of the month I have managed to avoid getting any spots. My skin hasn’t become any oilier in the T-zone. Once, when I left a pad on a tiny bit too long my skin did feel a tiny bit irritated but in a day it was back to happy. What more can I say? 
I definitely wouldn’t use this every day. I simply don’t need to. Whilst they annoyed me, my blackheads were not too large and I don’t have particularly bad skin. However, in combination with my normal skin care routine this adds a great step. My skin hasn’t looked this clear ever. That is quite a big claim but it is true. I would say the smell of this product is quite strong and ‘chemically’ but this dissipates in seconds after you’ve applied it.
Obviously if in a few months time I start experiencing any bad effects of this I will let you know. Until then, I shall be happily using this once a week, perhaps even every other week once my blackheads have shrunk further to keep my skin nice and clear. 
Have you tried this? If you have what have your experiences been?
Fleur xoxo

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