Review: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Controlled Lightening Spray

Before I went north for the summer there were a lot of reviews about lightening sprays in the blogosphere. I wasn’t sure what I thought, especially as some of the photographs accompanying these posts seemed pretty inconclusive as to whether there was a real lightening effect or if it was just the lighting – to my eyes anyway. Having tried so many lightening products when I was younger, I was dubious.

Then my boy was talking about wanting to lighten his hair and I thought we might as well buy one of these sprays and give it a go. Sure, they aren’t the cheapest product in the world but they are similar to the cost of a bottle of hair dye… So, I bought a spray, the only one Sainsbury’s had, the one I’m reviewing! As it turns out we never did try it on my boy’s hair but there we go. Maybe I will take it up next time I go to see him.

So, what does the bottle tell you? Firstly that it ‘creates natural looking blonde colour’ and that it is ‘for blondes only’. Being dark blonde / mousey brown I decided I fitted into this category. It uses hydrogen peroxide with chamomile and citrus and you are supposed to use it in combination with a heat tool. I never did actually use it with any heat tool and it worked just fine, though maybe I had to do more applications than I would have otherwise.

Supposedly it ‘Gradually lightens in 3-5 uses.’. For me it started lightening from the first use and rapidly took my hair to a completely different colour. I did go through a slight gingery phase till it settled down somehow but then my natural hair colour has a very small amount of orange in it to start with. Lets go in with some photos of the change it made!

The top four photos are before I started lightening my hair, the bottom 3 after I had. As you can see, the lighting and style my hair is in makes a big difference to the colour it looks. Also, in the ‘lightened’ photo where my hair is pinned back, I know I put a lot of product in my hair – as a result the hair seems to be darker. Quite interesting! However, hopefully you can also see there has been a change to the colour of my hair. (You are also getting a sneak preview of some FOTD’s to come!)

I resprayed my hair the morning this was taken, hence it being a little more brassy.

Overall verdict? I enjoyed this product immensely. When you put it on, it does itch a little on the scalp and smells a little disgusting, I cannot deny that. However, it is super easy, spray and go. As it lightens bit by bit you keep your natural highlights so your hair doesn’t get that dead look it can when going blonder. You can create highlights really easily by just spraying certain sections – for example, though it is probably hard to see from my photos, I took my parting and the top layers of hair the lightest.
My hair is quite greasy, so maybe if you have dry hair this won’t be the case but I found this hasn’t dried out my hair much at all. It is still very soft and… pliable? Can I use that to describe my hair? You know how straw like and unmanageable hair can go when you bleach it? Well, it hasn’t gone like that at all. That is what I’m trying to say with the pliable!
What do you think? Have you tried one of these sprays?
Love xoxo
P.S. Is it sad that I can work out exactly what lip colour I was wearing in each of these photos without referring back to my FOTD notes I make? 😛

7 thoughts on “Review: John Frieda Sheer Blonde Controlled Lightening Spray

  1. Fleur says:

    I know! I was so impressed, I honestly wasn't expecting any result. Hopefully they will come out with one that works for brunette hair because this is such an easy way to lighten hair 🙂 xoxo


  2. Fleur says:

    I was too! Having tried and failed with so many 'lightening' products when I was younger I really was expecting this one to fail too… But no, it has taken my hair to a colour I really like 🙂 xo


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