First makeup look of my course

So today I went to the second practical week of my course and had my makeup done! We were doing evening looks, so for me a dark purple smokey eye and a red lip was chosen. Keeping the skin very clean and fresh without much in the way of blush, contouring or bronzer.

I have one look on my right eye and another look on the left. On my left eye a cream eyeshadow was used first, then powder packed on top. On the right it was layers of powder. Both used a black kohl eyeliner.

I really like both looks. I think using a dark cream eyeshadow creates a really striking effect which I will definitely remember and use in future.

I am less sure about the tone of the red lipstick. I much prefer a more blue toned or even berry-ish red. I feel this is a little orange for me but it was fun to try out. If I was doing this for myself I would pair the eyeshadow with a more neutral lip.

Fleur xoxo


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