Review: Jergens Naturals Aloe Soothing Body Moisturiser with Cucumber

This review may seem a little wishy-washy and I debated not writing it. However, on balance I decided I would because sometimes it is interesting to read a review when someone isn’t quite sure.

I bought this body lotion in Manchester as it was half price. I had taken up my body oil and was perfectly happy with that but just felt that I was curious enough to try something different. So I bought this one with aloe and cucumber as my skin usually loves those ingredients.

I ended up coming back from Manchester with the most unhappy skin I’ve had in years. Whilst I don’t think for a moment the lotion caused this by itself, I do know it didn’t help. I ended up switching back to my body oil for the last few days because my skin was that unhappy. Once I got back home to my cupboard full of skincare, I quickly got it back to normal but it doesn’t show great things for this lotion.

One thing I did find was on the day we went to the seaside, I got a bit of mud on my arm. I thought I had rubbed sunscreen on it but was also kind of trying to not end up with mud all over my arm. I got the tiniest bit of sunburn (admittedly not badly) in a circle on my arm. Whacked some of this lotion on it after showering that night… The next day my arm was as good as new. So as an aftersun lotion, this stuff is good! I would actually debate buying it to take on holiday as such. I would actually recommend trying it as an aftersun lotion.

Back to the cons though. This lotion stinks. It could just be me… Well and my boy too who thought it was beyond gross and was quite unhappy with me using it haha. It just doesn’t smell good! I don’t even mind a not great smelling lotion. I used E45 for years and that smells kind of weirdly medical but this was beyond that.

Another thing, I bought this perhaps 4/5 days into my trip. So used it for maybe two weeks? I’d basically used all of it. I apply body lotion every single day after my morning shower. I know that is a lot of body lotion and I am prepared to buy it regularly however to get through 200ml in 2 weeks? Madness. It isn’t even super cheap! It is around the £5 mark depending where you buy it.

So, would I buy this again? No, not really. It was good as an aftersun but I think there are products just as good out there if not better. Am I writing off Jergens as a brand? No, I would like to try the ‘ultra healing extra dry skin body moisturiser’. Maybe I bought the wrong one you might think. Except that I know my skin doesn’t need as much moisture in summer and I often switch to a lighter lotion anyway…

Have you tried this? Does it work for you? Everything works for someone – else they stop making it, I try never to forget that. Especially when I think about spam and primula cheese…

Ramble over, cannot believe it is a week till the end of September already!

Fleur xoxo


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