August/September Non-Beauty Favourites

I promised I would do a non-beauty favourites and (finally) here it is! Maybe I will keep them separate and do a non-beauty faves each month? What do you think?

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A book I honestly think everyone should read. It will undoubtedly make you laugh and possibly cry and in the meantime probably help you to become a little bit of a better person. If you are male, still read it. You’ll learn an awful lot about women that they are unlikely to tell you themselves because frankly, if they did, certainly if you hadn’t already been married for a while – you’d think they were crazy. If nothing else you will learn a little bit more about why you should be stood on that table shouting ‘I am a feminist’.

Both good films. 
Brave is the current one of the two. It is a very sweet story of a girl who doesn’t want to get married off, very lovely, very heartwarming. I found some parts a little jumpy but I jump at literally everything including things I know are coming. I cried a lot at the end I was so emotionally involved in this film. I wouldn’t recommend watching this with a male (unless you know he likes girly kids films), certainly I don’t think my boy was too impressed. The short before the film is very beautiful and worth seeing the whole thing for.
Good Will Hunting on a basic level is the story of a man/boy who has never realised his potential, never had the chance to shine. It is his story of being discovered, helped to become the person he could be and him falling in love. Another very beautiful and emotional film. Another film I wept at the end of. If nothing else, watch it for Robin Williams’ performance. Amazing.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime 

I didn’t actually go to see this at the theatre. I went to one of the Odeon NTlive showings, which I would highly recommend. If you can get along to one of them or get to London to see this or indeed if it travels round after leaving London, you really should. If you enjoyed the book you will most likely love this adaption into a play. The play, as the book was, is fascinating and excellently acted. I don’t want to say much more as I never want to know too much about things I’m going to read or see. To the point where I don’t even read the blurbs on books. So if you want to know more have a google 🙂

I finally got round to upgrading my phone and have switched to an iPhone 4s. I know the 5 is now out but frankly I wasn’t about to pay the hideous amount of money they want for it. Especially when its main new feature the 4G network definitely won’t be coming anywhere near my home town for years. Anyway, I am very much enjoying my new phone especially (leading on to my next favourite) the apps! 

Rather paired with my iPhone, I thought I would share my new found love of instagram! I am sure you all know what this is by now, if you don’t the clue is rather in the logo above. My user name is floribundar, do leave your user names below so I can follow you!
TV Show

This is a really old TV show I know. I had never seen any episodes before though, so was very excited to watch some (or rather all of them). Most of the episodes are on netflix, which makes watching them really easy. For those of you who don’t know what or who Jonathan Creek is, just like me a mere month and a half ago, let me explain. The series is based around Jonathan who works for a magician, creating all the tricks and making them look realistic. He then meets a crime writer who ropes him into helping her solve apparently impossible crimes. If you love a good murder mystery you’ll most likely enjoy these.

Morecambe. Whilst I was up in Manchester, the boy and I went on a trip to the seaside. We, or rather I, decided we should go to Morecambe. I’m sure you can see from the photo above what attracted me. Doesn’t it look quite gorgeous, it really is. Unfortunately I had forgotten to take a spare camera battery and mine died after the first picture – too much looking at my Olympics photos beforehand. So I don’t have any of my own photos 😦 It is a lovely beach though quite muddy and I’d imagine quicksand is a problem some of the time. So try to go at high tide if you decide to go on a trip. I had a completely perfect day complete with ice cream, doughnuts, fish and chips, paddling and general enjoyment of a gorgeous sunny day 🙂
I hope you are all having a perfect September so far!
Fleur xoxo
(all non-credited photos are from wikipedia)

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