Review: EcoTools 5 piece brush set and blush brush

Having heard good things about ecotools and therefore wanting to try some of their products, when I saw they were on offer in boots I had to go an have a look. This was at the beginning of summer just before I went on holiday, so I chose the 5 piece brush set to take with me and then with the offer got the blush brush (which I had been looking for another of) half price. Bargain.

The packets of these brushes tell you a lot about them. The handles are made from bamboo so a sustainable source, the ferrule is made from recycled aluminium which will keep the weight down and the bristles are synthetic taklon (the same as the real techniques brushes) so super soft and cruelty free. They come in a reusable storage pouch, which would be great for travelling if you don’t have a brush roll.

Left to right: Baby Kabuki brush, Mineral Powder Brush, Concealer Brush, Eye Shading Brush and Cosmetic Case.

The 5 piece set includes a mineral powder brush which I have used as a blush brush and it worked really well as such. I haven’t tried using it for mineral powder yet, from the feel of it I can imagine it being good but not perfect. For a travel set brush that wouldn’t be bad though. The mini kabuki is great, I used it for applying bronzer. It picks up and holds the perfect amount of product when tapped. It is so soft and just applies product beautifully. I used the concealer brush as a flat eyeshadow brush and found it quite good. I didn’t try too many looks though so I can’t say how well it works. The actual eyeshadow brush is very similar to the MAC 224 brush which I use to apply my eyeshadow on a daily basis. I love the MAC one and the ecotools one proves a good option.

The little bag it comes with is great for holding them and any powder products when travelling (if like me you have mini sized everything). That way you have everything together. I only wish it was a tiny bit larger then I could fit my eyelash curlers as well! The set costs £19.99, so not really cheap but then you do get 4 pretty awesome brushes. If you want a good quality travel set I’d definitely recommend checking these out.

The blush brush is super soft and fluffy. It feels a lot more expensive than the £7.99 it retails for! I still can’t quite believe that is the price. It is great for a soft wash of colour across the cheeks. It is quite large which I found unwieldy to start with, I did end up looking a little clown like the first few times I used it. Once I got used to the size I haven’t looked back and my MAC 116 is sat neglected in the corner (except when I want a bit more precision application in which case I go with the MAC all the way, for contouring for example). The brush hasn’t yet shed any hairs on me whatsoever, impressive I think.

So, a big thumbs up to ecoTools from me. I cannot wait to try the smudge eyeliner brush and possibly the powder brush (my current one is starting to fall apart sadly). Have you tried ecoTools? What do you think of them?

You can buy ecoTools direct from their website, as well as a whole range of other places listed on their website.

Fleur xoxo


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