Makeup Kit

Hello lovelies, I’m so sorry to have gone and disappeared on you again. I’m afraid to say I had a horrible stomach bug and just spent the best part of a week in bed! Using a computer was making me nauseous too, so blogging was unfortunately out of the question! So annoying. Especially as I have a ridiculous number of posts I really want to write!

So, I am starting a makeup course which I am really excited about. I’m mainly doing this just for fun, to improve my technique but it is a full blown course which helps you towards working as a makeup artist. I wasn’t so interested in the ones aimed to just slightly increase you skill in a couple of hours.

A part of this, I had to buy a makeup kit! Which I thought I would show you as I’m pretty impressed with it. It cost near on £90. However, as you will see I got a fair amount of stuff, so… Here it is!

The bag

Brush kit and lip liners and eye liners.
3 colours of foundation, foundation sponges, palette, more mascara wands, eyeshadow applications, pencil sharpener.

Inside the bottom half of the bag.
Lipsticks (as shown above),  translucent powder, clear lip gloss and liquid eyeliner.
Essentially a neutral eyeshadow palette but in individual powder form.
Skincare kit including: eyemakeup remover, cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

I am pretty excited for my course and I think it should be a good laugh. It should be fun applying makeup to others 🙂 it is something I don’t get to do enough and I love it so much!
Hope you are all well and you haven’t caught any bugs yet.
Love xoxo

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