July Favourites

Whilst I may not have been blogging, I certainly have been using lots of different makeup etc! So I’m still going to tell you my favourites, so certainly the beauty favourite will be a complete surprise – an item which I will hopefully use in a FOTD soon.


This is MAC’s frost lipstick in New York Apple! I love, love, love, love, love it! They now cost £14 (ouch) but I think they are worth every penny. MAC lipsticks are the ones I use every single day. This colour is particularly special. Dabbed lightly onto the lips as in the top line of the swatch, it is a glorious, glamorous shade. Swatched heavily as in the lower line it is a deep, slightly berry toned red. My first red which is easy to wear. The first red which I might actually wear not just leave to linger in my lipstick drawer. It is quite moisturising, has a slight gold shimmer. What more can I say. I can’t wait to do a FOTD for you to show you truly how beautiful it is!

I have worn these earrings constantly this month. Unfortunately I don’t know who made them. Also, as I was given them by my mum from her collection – she probably bought them about 25 years ago – so it is very possible that whoever made them is not still making them. They are a favourite though and I am sure there is something out there similar. These from Etsy are close if not exactly the same

Photo from amazon, I own a kindle so this is the version I own. You can find it here or from any other book store.
The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

My boy recommended this book to me. I felt like something different and didn’t know what to choose. It is a very interesting story, with one part set in the present, one part set in the past and then other sections of stories about various different people. It is slightly uncomfortable to read at times with vivid descriptions of the agony a burn victim goes through. At other times sublime and uplifting. The ending is both sad and happy, very fitting considering the rest of the book. I often find the end of books quite disappointing but this one was perfect. I don’t want to say much more. I don’t read blurbs on books because I find they reveal the first 100 or so pages and that is always a disappointment for me. If you want to know more there are many reviews out there.  

Film / TV

Photo from imbd.com

How To Train Your Dragon

Since I saw the adverts for this film I wanted to see it. Unfortunately I didn’t really go to the cinema at the time and I was rather just waiting to see it on tv. However, when my co-workers realised I hadn’t seen it they were shocked and one of them lent it to me. OMG. Such a good film. I’m not really going to discuss the plot as I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it. If you haven’t seen it, wait for a day when you need something beautiful and sweet. It is a little funny, very cute, has a love story, has some tension and (I’m not really spoiling the film, you could have guessed as much it being a kids film) a really happy, wonderful ending. It doesn’t have great intellectual merit but it is a lot of fun. Frankly, what more could you want? You can purchase the dvd from various places of course or borrow it from a friend with kids (its fairly likely they will have it).
On a side note. Special mention should also go to Spiderman (great film, sassy female character but not exactly groundbreaking), The Dark Knight Rises (awesome film, bar The Artist my favourite new release of the year) and Despicable Me (another superbly funny and sweet kids film).

As I haven’t been blogging or reading blogs this month I cannot really have a true favourite blog of the month. So, I will leave this free. Perhaps you could recommend to me a blog you love?
Fleur xoxo

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