June Favourites

So, I thought May went by fast… How wrong I was. June whizzed by in a flash of gardening, cinema trips, online shopping, eating way too much Dominos to be healthy and being too busy to blog as much as I want to.

It is now July OH EM GEEEE. The Tour de France is on. I shall do a post about my love for that. The next three weeks will be the best of my year and the last three weeks of work before my summer holiday!

Apart from all that though, these are my June favourites:

So, I can’t really say I have one outstanding favourite product this month. However, I got my first selection of things from Apivita this month. Amazing. I’ve loved every single product I’ve tried so far – slowly working my way through the masks. I cannot wait to try more of their products. The main contenders to be bought are a face cream, eye cream, shower gel and body lotion. I need to use up my current skincare etc though, so I’m not allowed to buy anything till I’ve done that. Cannot wait, I don’t think I’ve ever had this much love for one brand. You can find their products here.

This was made specially for me by my mum – which does mean I can’t tell you where (if you too like it) you could find one. It was cast from an ammonite found during a family holiday to Charmouth. It was always one of my favourite holidays and so this necklace is very special to me. Having looked on Etsy I came up with this one, which is quite similar though I don’t feel quite as nice… If you like the idea though there are many more on Etsy which you could choose between. I think it also makes me feel a little like Ariel the Little Mermaid, who wore a shell round her neck. That was my favourite film when I was younger. 

Photo nicked from Amazon, so I will link you to their website. Though of course you can buy this book in many formats from many retailers.
Okay, I love fantasy. I love Terry Pratchett. This book is just pretty perfect. Combining my favourite characters: Sam Vimes and Sybil Ramkin along with the city watch. Frankly, that is enough to make me want to read this book and enjoy reading it. It also, subtly as with most of Pratchett’s books includes a bit of social comment. I won’t say anymore but if you enjoy his books then you will undoubtedly enjoy this one. If you don’t enjoy fantasy, its not too heavy on things that aren’t real… You can buy it from Amazon or anywhere you can buy books…
Film / TV 

So, this is definitely not highbrow viewing. Frankly, I rarely watch anything at all that could even be considered great TV anymore. I watch things I enjoy, things that make me smile rather than things that educate me. I’ve been watching this on LoveFilm Instant (which I adore) and have now finished the 4th series. This sadly appears to be the last series they are going to film but I think they have explored most of the ideas they possibly can whilst maintaining the same style of show. Basically, if you are looking for something a little different with some good characters, this could be worth checking out. You can buy all for series for around £15 or there are various ways to watch online. 

I’m finding this really hard to choose. However, I’m going to go with Happy Berry Naiad. This is one of the few blog where I read every single post. If you love nail varnish and all things nails its worth checking this blog out. Since following this blog I have become a lot more interested in my nail varnishes. I’ve actually started buying some really good varnishes, especially ones I see and go ‘ahhhh, must own that too!!’.  Go have a look for yourself 🙂
Hope you have all had a wonderful June and that July is a great month for you all.
Fleur xoxo

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