Review: Aveda Pure Abundance

My mum and I, if we don’t like something, tend to give it to the other to see if they might like it. I think this makes sense. Having spent money on something, why just bin/charity shop it, when someone you know might like it. This is what happened with these.

So, I’ve been trying out the Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing shampoo and clay conditioner. They claim: ‘creates fullness for fine hair’, ‘builds body and volume’. It uses acacia gum to do this.

The conditioner is a mini 40ml bottle. Not sure why…

I’ve really liked these products. They smell delightful – a combination of peppermint, ylang ylang palmarosa and jasmine. I love a good smelling hair product. Plus they seem to work really well.

With my hair being relatively greasy, quite fine but also slightly frizzy with flyaways this worked out well for me. The shampoo cleans the hair well, it takes one or two washes to get my hair clean – not five as I’ve had with some… Then the conditioner is conditioning – leaves my hair beautiful and glossy but also with volume and life. It doesn’t weigh my hair down and my next day hair isn’t even too greasy. Pretty impressed. One strange thing was that normally I would apply conditioner then instantly wash it out. This worked better when applied, left while I wash then rinsed out right at the end of my shower – so leaving it in for a couple of minutes. When I didn’t do this, a slight residue I couldn’t get off was left. When giving it time to soak in, not only is my hair looking better but I can fully rinse it out.

Would I buy these? Maybe. I will probably re-buy the conditioner because I do truly think it is impressive and my hair is looking and feeling the best it has in years. Would I buy the shampoo? Not a chance really. It is good but I wouldn’t say amazing. If I was on a seriously larger wage, maybe I would. As it is, I’d rather go for a cheaper volumising shampoo. Largely I think as long as a shampoo cleans my hair properly, that is my main concern. The shampoo costs £15.50 for 250ml and the conditioner costs £17.50 for 200ml from the Aveda website. So… Not the cheapest. In the meantime, before I go splurging an awful lot of money on these, I’m going to work my way through all the volumising shampoos and conditioners you can find on the high street, preferably for under £10 (or even £5)! Hopefully some of them will manage to live up to this bench mark.

Fleur xoxo


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