Haul… With freebies! Mainly freebies.

Do you ever buy things, not really because you particularly want them but because they come with good free things? Like magazines? I subscribe to Vogue, any other magazine I buy – I’m buying it for the free item.

The best thing though is gifts with purchase. Where you spend a certain amount of money and you get a gift. Which is what Boots has currently. On purchases from 17 (you have to spend over £6)  and MaxFactor (over £15). There were a few things I had been looking at in each brand… So I bought them – I could get a lot of freebies, so why not?! Here is the selection:

Boots 17 gift : Eye pencil in onyx, lasting fix  nail polish in tropical island, instant glow body bronzer in medium matte.

Cutest box and jubilee themed – perfect!

Voucher for £3 off a MaxFactor foundation and a little booklet of how to use the items you received. 

MaxFactor gift: Nailfinity in red passion, lipstick in 510 english rose, masterpiece max mascara,  miracle touch creamy blush in  soft pink.

Possibly my new favourite lipstick colour. A beautiful pink with a hint of gold shimmer. Perfection. 

What I actually bought to receive all these free: 17 lasting fix nail polish in orange soda, MaxFactor false lash effect mascara in black/brown, MaxFactor nail polish in dazzling blue and 17 lipstick in beehive. Not shown is a present I haven’t sent yet.

 Not a bad little haul – getting 7 free items ranging from full size to mini (but not too mini) trial size for buying 5 items. Having tried all my freebies now they are really good ones too! I’m particularly enjoying the 17 kohl, which is a big surprise! Also, these freebie offers is how I always end up sticking with MaxFactor false lash effect mascara. I know I adore it – so when I see one of these offers… I just pop it in my bag! Plus you get the cutest little box from MaxFactor – which are so useful. I’ve got three of them now and use them for storing jewellery and ribbons.

If you have things from 17 or MaxFactor that you are wanting to try / could stock up on – now might not be a bad time to go shopping for them!

Fleur xoxo

P.S. sorry for disappearing a bit this week. It has been a busy one! I’m hoping to draft a good few posts over the weekend just in case next week is similarly hectic 🙂


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