Addicted to Lip Balm

I love lip balm. My lips get very dry, so I use a lot of lip balm to keep them happy. When I don’t use lipbalm, if I’m really busy or travelling so forget to apply it – I can really tell. I keep a lip balm (or three) by my bed, on my dressing table, in the kitchen, in my handbag, at work (the only lip balm that is missing from the photo below), basically anywhere that I would potentially want / need to apply lip balm. 
I prefer lip balms in tubes. They are easier to apply, especially when you can’t wash your hands before and after. If you’ve glanced at the photo below then that is pretty obvious. I used to adore vaseline – though I don’t think it did much for my lips – I was applying it like a person possessed. So when each ran out I replaced it with a tube balm. I put all my lip balms through a test, will they last the night? I want my lips to still feel soft and hydrated in the morning. Potentially feeling like there is still a small amount of product on them.
The Hello Kitty tins (limited edition I believe, sorry) are unopened as yet. I thought I would include them because they are just so darn cute! All the rest are currently in use.

Left to right:
Blistex Relief Cream – I don’t get cold sores but I do get very sad, chapped lips. This instantly heals them up and gets them back to being happy. I keep this by my bedside and apply it at night if my lips are a bit worse for wear. Beware, it stings a bit. 
Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – I own three of these. The normal one which is minty scented, the honey one and the pomegranate one (not shown as that is the one I keep at work). All three are awesome. They smell delicious and leave the lips feeling great.
Burt’s Bees Tiger Lily Tinted Lip Balm – This has a hint of a tint. Its very light but a really nice colour. Plus it has all the good points of the other Burt’s Bees balms – its just so nice on the lips! Oh and the packaging is adorable! What you can see is the outer cardboard tube then the product itself looks much like the other balms.
Nivea Milk and Honey – Also smells delicious and just works. I keep this one by my bedside and for the morning because it lasts so well. I feel like I should have more to say as this is possibly my favourite of the bunch and the one I use most. Its just good I guess!
Apivita Coco Butter SPF 20 and Pink Rose Lip Care – Latest additions. Probably the best smelling ones of the bunch. Cheap feeling packaging compared to the others but you can compromise that for an excellent product. Plus, I’d go for a slightly difficult to use tube over a tub any day. Plus it is paraben, silicone and mineral oil free, that is a thumbs up in my books. The rose one is slightly tinted.
Neutrogena Lips SPF 20 – This is the one I usually have in my handbag as it is one of the only ones with SPF. Unfortunately this tube is practically finished so I will need to repurchase. Whilst it doesn’t feel like much on the lips, it really works. I took this one to Svalbard in the Arctic Circle and it absolutely saved my lips. It also works wonders in hot weather! 
Badger Lip and Body Balm Tangerine Breeze – This one lives in my study to wake me up whilst I’m working. It generally works! Its also super at giving my lips a helping hand when I’m worrying at them with my teeth which I always end up doing when working. This is possibly the most expensive of the not very expensive bunch. A little goes a long way and I used to have this beside my bed (not the best idea) so used it every day. I’ve had it so long the print is wearing off (I know, I know, you’re supposed to bin things after so long but, well, I haven’t and it hasn’t killed me yet).
Figs and Rouge Balm Rambling Rose – As a lip balm this just isn’t conditioning enough for my lips. As a cuticle balm it is great. Well worth it, plus it does smell pretty awesome. I got this in a Glossybox, probably wouldn’t repurchase it. However, if your lips aren’t that dry, it would be an awesome lip balm. It makes a great primer for lip products and I just wish my lips weren’t so dry so I would use this!
You can buy most of these from your high street chemist, online from said high street chemists, in super markets a whole wide range of places. The only ones you might find harder are the Apivita ones which you can get direct from them, or Badger Balm which I know you used to be able to buy from Boots but you can definitely get from Amazon.
What are your favourite lip balms? Are there some I need to try?
Fleur xoxo

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