New Nail Love

So, my base coat went really gloopy and I needed to buy a new one. When I popped into town to pick one out I didn’t really have much time, I was also slightly shocked at how much they all cost! I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but having not bought one in years they’ve gone up a fair bit!

Anyway, I couldn’t decide which to go for. Then I spotted this set from Nails Inc which contained a base coat and top coat! For only £10 (though it seems I cannot find them for this price online, more like £18). I’ve only used a top coat which came in a super cheap set before and it was the biggest waste of time ever, so I wasn’t that excited about getting a new one. I thought I would go for it and just see. I liked the claims made of the base coat and for not much more than the price for a base coat alone, I got two products!

The pinker one on the right is the base coat and the peachy one is the top coat.

So, what do they claim to do?

The base coat supposedly is a nourishing treatment to strengthen weak, peeling, bendy nails. Maybe it is just because I have been using a lot of cuticle oil, or because I’ve been keeping my nails really short or because I had a week away from work and washing my hands constantly recently. Whatever the reason my nails are looking and feeling healthier. This product may have contributed to that. It also provides a great base to paint on to.

The top coat is both super glossy for a professional finish and touch dry in 45 seconds. Is it actually dry that quickly? I’m not sure and I’m not about to go prodding my nails after 45 seconds to find out having painstakingly painted them! However, it is definitely touch dry pretty quickly as it was so shiny I felt the urge to stroke my nail after a couple of minutes and nothing budged. Even better, it makes the whole manicure dry super quickly. The other day I painted my nails in a massive hurry and had to shower 30minutes after. Not a single smudge or blemish on the nails. I’m so impressed!

Okay, so probably for everyone who has been using top coats for years this is old news. You’re probably going ‘um, yeah? What’s the big deal?’. For me, painting my nails used to be a massive chore, sitting there for hours and even then you managed to scratch up one. Or you’d paint them in the evening, go to bed a few hours later and then wake up the next day to find them all squished and textured looking. This product is definitely going to mean I can paint my nails more often, makes me happier about painting my nails.

So, I’m a pretty happy bunny about these. I may even pop back into town having looked for them online – as if they are still £10 there it could be worth stocking up!

Fleur xoxo


4 thoughts on “New Nail Love

  1. Fleur says:

    My nails are quite dry and bumpy, so using a base coat is essential for me! Do try this top coat, I honestly think it is amazing. To be able to shower 30 minutes after painting your nails? That's some quick drying top coat!


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