Glossybox: May 2012

Happy Anniversary Glossybox!

Initially I was a bit disappointed with this months box. Having used the products though, I really enjoyed them and found a wonder products within. So I came round to it.

Noble Isle – Summer Rising Bath and Shower Gel

This smells heavenly. Honestly so delicious. I could sit with it under my nose all day. It just smells like summer. Oh and its a pretty darn nice shower gel too. Doesn’t strip the skin too much but is great for summer and getting suntan lotion off and feeling nice and clean. Not the cheapest though and there are shower gels I like more. So, I wouldn’t repurchase this. I might put it on my Christmas wish list though!

Lolita Lempicka – Eau de Parfum and Si Lolita

I like fragrance samples. I like actually getting to try something over an extended period of time and being shown perfumes I wouldn’t normally have reached for. Personally I thought both of these were disgusting. Si Lolita I almost liked but both of them gave me headaches. They are very overpoweringly sweet (I’m not a fan of sweet fragrances!). Loads of people love these, loads of people love sweet fragrances. These were just not for me.

Osmo – Berber Oil Hair Treatment 

This smells divine. I have relatively oily hair but I can use this on dry hair and it wont make my hair greasy. It just makes my hair lusciously shiny and beautiful. It also works well putting it in at night and washing out in the morning. That leaves my hair looking very lovely. Did I say about how beautiful it smells?

Eldora – False Eyelashes

These are nice. The glue they came with was a little hopeless. They look impactful but not totally over the top. The only downside is once on you can’t really see the little gems… Priced from £3.90 these are quite reasonably priced. The packaging is pretty flimsy but at the end of the day what you want to be good is whats inside?

Apivita – Express Beauty Masks

I loved this. I am beyond glad I received this in my Glossybox. This made my face look plump, healthy, full etc. The product states ‘this mask provides valuable lipids and vitamins that nourish and help hydrate the skin, improve its elasticity, leaving it soft and supple.’ you know what? For once, this is a product that does exactly what it says on the packet. It actually works! Usually masks irritate my skin. A few second after application my face starts itching and I have to wash it off and then my skin is red and sad for hours/days. Not this. Okay, it tingled a little but nothing like the full on ‘I’m about to scratch my face off in pain’ I usually have. Also, each double sachet (which costs £3.50) would easily do 4 applications. Bargain.

As a result of trying this mask. I placed an order with Apivita for more of their masks and a few other things to see what they are like. So I will report back to you on what I find 🙂

Cute packaging

Mirror! This has gone straight into my travel makeup bag – perfect!

So, this was May. Two products I love and would / already have re-purchased. One I will be adding to my Christmas list. One I was a bit ‘meh’ about. Then one (well, two technically, the perfumes) that has already gone in the bin.
Not bad really! Pretty happy with that.
Fleur xoxo

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