First June Haul

Okay, so I managed not to buy any makeup in May! No makeup May went quite well I think. Okay, so technically I bought the Body Shop lip and cheek tint that came free with Marie Claire. Plus I did buy a nail varnish from a blog haul. These were things which if I didn’t go for them during May, I wouldn’t have been able to get them. Things I wanted and managed to save myself a pretty penny by buying that way.

So, my first haul of June… Its only 2 days in and I’ve already been shopping. Most of the things I bought were pretty sensible (for me). Then I got a few treats as it was 3 for 2 on all my essentials and then 10 points per £1 spent. Hello! I made myself £6.76 worth of points, saved £17.83, spent under £60 and bought 14 items. Breaking it all down for you there, total honesty… I’m pretty pleased with that. So, what did I buy?

Hayfever tablets sneaked themselves into the photo. Usually my hayfever has hit by now. I’m out of antihistamines though and I like to keep some around. I’m not sure I’ll have hayfever this year now but better safe than sorry!

Left to Right: L’Oreal Sublime Bronze self-tanning dry mist for medium skin, Boots Soltan selt-tan gel, Rimmel Instant Tan Water Resistant light matte, Simple Kind To Skin sun-kissed moisture cream.

Getting my fake tan fix. I ran out of both my real fake tans in May and I’m really close to the bottom of my Rimmel instant tan. I only had gradual tans left eeek. So I was desperate to get myself some fakery asap! I have a full on gel for my weekly tan, the L’Oreal spray for any top-ups (slightly concerned that I got medium instead of fair :/), the Rimmel for when I need perfect legs if I’m wearing a skirt and the Simple moisturiser for my face!

From left to right: L’Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gentle Scrub exfoliating, Boots Essentials intensive for dry skin hand cream, exfoliating gloves and Boots Health and Beauty Magazine.

I need a face wash for the gym and because I sweat a fair amount and end up warm I want to really thoroughly cleanse my face afterwards. I thought I would try this out. It comes with a little ‘scrublet’ which is similar to the Soap and Glory Massage Mitt I love. I tried this out this evening and it is a lovely product. Not too harsh on my skin and I think it will be perfect for the gym.

The hand cream I adore. It isn’t expensive, coming in at £1.35, yet it is amazing. So hydrating it just keeps my hands functional. I keep one at work to use throughout the day and then one in my handbag for when I am on the move.

The exfoliating gloves I needed a new pair, I do like using exfoliating gels and the like but these gloves just work so well and you need a new pair so irregularly. Then the magazine, free, beauty related… What more could you want?

Makeup! The treats I bought 🙂 Left to right:

MaxFactor Flipstick Colour Effect in Boreal Mauve 15. They only had three shades in and one was sold out. I really like the idea of this product though so I bought this shade. The two colours are good ones for me and I’m excited to try a colour blocking lip and a petal pout out soon!

Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti 15 (coincidence?). I’ve given up on peach parfait. The glitter has managed to get the better of me. I loved the swatches of this shade though. A very wearable orange. So thought I would give it a whirl.

MaxFactor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Fantasy Fire 45. I’d seen so many swatches of this, I saw this bottle on the stand and it stopped me in my tracks. Honestly, even in the bottle it looks amazing. For 3.99 it isn’t breaking the bank and I just need to try it!

So! I think I managed not to go too insane. Whilst I bought a fair few things, bar the last three they were all things on my shopping list. Things I will use on a daily or weekly basis and feel far better for it.

There were a few items I just resisted the temptation to buy. Lets see if my resolve sticks around!

Fleur xoxo


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