May Favourites!

I honestly cannot believe how fast this month has gone by! It’s crazy! It has actually flown by! So, these are my favourites from May. Again, a few categories, in which I will have one item each. This is going to be more like the ‘six/seven on Sunday’ posts of which I have seen many recently. I really, really enjoy those kinds of posts. I think it gives more of an insight than a handful of beauty products. Having said that, I adore seeing everyone’s monthly favourites!


The Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in the shade Antigua. Now the sun has made its appearance (and it seems disappearance) I felt the need for more bronzing in my life. I find bronzers very hard to wear. The end up looking muddy or orange or just disgusting on my face. This just gives me a really healthy, natural looking glow. The first time I wore it to work my co-worker asked me if I had caught some sun at the weekend and told me how healthy I was looking. What more could you want frankly? It has a light shimmer that is almost imperceptible on the skin. It is just a delightful colour. I should do a full review on it sometime as I do think it the perfect bronzer for my skin tone.
I adore this necklace. It is just perfect with everything I wear for summer. I adore pinks. I wear pink almost everyday. I am my happiest when I am head to toe in pink. Almost literally. It is beautifully soft leather, it hangs beautifully, it has gold fastenings (and I far prefer gold on my skintone) and it is flowers! As a Fleur myself I do feel wearing flowers is appropriate, haha. I bought it from Etsy from Miss Fluff here after seeing it on A Daisy Chain Dream

Okay, okay this is a massive cheat. I have been immersed in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin for the large majority of the month. First the 3rd book then the 4th. I can’t say I’m enjoying them terribly but I have been hooked by a few of the characters (other characters I love less and would be quite happy if they popped off right about now). As such, I don’t really have a favourite book of the month. So I’m going for my Vogue, which I adored. I do love Kate Moss and the shoot they did with her for that issue was amazing. I fully intend to try and copy the makeup soon! I promise to do better on my book choice next month!
Film / TV

I recently subscribed to LoveFilm instant. There are so many films that ‘everyone’ has seen that I ‘HAVE’ to watch. For £4.99 a month you can stream as many of the films or TV shows as you like. A lot of these are old and there is a smaller selection but I think I have a good years viewing on there as I rarely watched films or TV shows till fairly recently. This was one of the first things that I registered an interest in. Having seen several of the parts but not the whole I was very excited to find I could stream the entire 6 episodes! So for the past few weeks my mum and I have been sitting down together and thoroughly enjoying this. Honestly the best version I have seen. I think I might be watching this a few times… I do love Colin Firth 😛

I’m actually going to name three blogs here. I can’t just choose one, it would be too hard!
Firstly A Daisy Chain Dream. I seem to discover a gem every day on this blog. The very first thing I do when I wake up is check my emails and check my blogger dashboard. I’m always so excited to see some beautiful clothes, Mae (the most adorable cat) or discover some items which I need in my life!
Second is British Beauty Blogger. I always, always see thing I want on this blog. That is possibly not great for my purse but it makes me very happy. I love looking at products about to be released. I like feeling slightly ahead of the game (ha). Recently, seeing hauls from Hong Kong has given me very itchy feet begging me to head to distant lands. I’ve never really explored beauty abroad and this has shown me what a grave error this was!
Thirdly is Honest Holly. A blog by my most darling and beautiful friend Holly. Lots of posts about gluten free recipes which I adore as I love anything food related. She is a real inspiration to me, coping so well with having being diagnosed as having coeliac. I’m currently going through (attempted, shall we say) diagnosis of another gastro-issue and she is being the most wonderful friend anyone could ask for supporting me through that.
So, we’re into June. I’ll leave you on an amusing note. I work in a school and it was a non-uniform day today. They were collecting raffle prizes from the children to use at the fete, so every child could either bring in £1 or a raffle prize. On the off chance I asked my mum if we had anything I could take in and she did! So I took it along and handed it to a member of the PTA (parent teacher association). She responded with ‘do ask your teacher to let you come back during tutor time to pick up a raffle ticket to say thank you for bringing in a prize!’. She had mistaken me for a pupil. Our school runs to age 16. I’m 22. Whilst slightly flattering… This was also highly embarrassing! I’m sure I can’t look that young!
Anyway, I hope you all had a lovely May and are looking forward to our long bank holiday weekend to start June off!
Fleur xoxo

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