Wish List

I have quite a long wish list. In fact make that ridiculously long. There are some things which I need more than others. Then there are other things which I want more than others. I’m currently trying to decide what I’m allowed to buy this month. I’m listing the main contenders below. The things I (have) to buy are: facial sun cream and fake tan, normal fake tan and some eyebrow dye as my eyebrows keep running down my face (dammit!) so I want to dye them into shape! Fake tan and sunscreen I consider sensible. I need to stop myself sitting in the sun. I do so love it though.

Otherwise, I’m allowed a treat as last month I went through a not so nice procedure and had some bad but realistically not unexpected news yesterday. I may tell you about this at some point but for the moment I’m keeping this blog in the beauty/baking sphere (and I will have some cakes to show you after the weekend -we’ve been sorely lacking in cake posts!). I feel I should also have a budget for non-essentials. You know what though, I want to enjoy myself. Up until January I never really had a disposable income. So if I go mad for a bit… That’s not too bad? Right?

So, my wish list. Some more expensive than others…

I know I don’t really wear lip glosses but maybe if I owned nicer ones I would. I’ve heard good things about this and I like the colour!
I really want to try something by Inglot. Maybe lip gloss isn’t the place to start and I do like the sound of their nail polishes. Have you seen that swatch though?! (obvs you have, its right there…) How amazing is that? I feel I need this in my life!

Okay, so actually, I want all the shades. This one is very tempting though. I feel the need to try these with an interesting colour first then maybe if I really like it go for a nude one. That’s probably the opposite way round to how everyone else works! Link from Superdrug, also avaliable at many high street locations!




So, I’m feeling the need to add to my MAC eyeshadow collection. Though I’ve almost filled a 15 palette (how??!) there is always room for more shades… Until I need another palette. I did have to move the smokey eye quad into my 15 palette when I wanted the quad to go travelling with though. So if I moved that back I’d have more space… Well, space for six more.

I can’t stop thinking about this lipstick. Not that I really need more lip products right now but I just can’t help but feel it might make my life more exciting? Plus its basically giving money to charity and its been a while since my last charitable donation… This would count right?

Frankly, I could buy the entire OPI New York City Ballet Collection and I would be happy. However, that would set me back about £55… Um, yeah. That’s not going to happen! However, I may go for the mini set and Barre My Soul. Thus only spending £25. Considerably less! From the swatches I have seen these look like they would be perfect for work. As I’m really looking for work appropriate shades, I think this is a must buy.

I love the one I have of these, I love Rimmel lipsticks in general. I think for the price they are pretty superb. They last well and are quite conditioning. Plus the range of colours is basically exactly what I want… So. I’m thinking of adding this one to my set!

The item everyone has! Except me… I don’t know which to choose out of the Naked 1 or Naked 2. So, I will be doing some research and looking at swatches. Don’t you just love the blogging community for the information you can find out there? Pretty much anything you are considering trying you’ll find some information about. Ideal. I quite like the blues at the end of the Naked 1 palette. Plus the fact it comes with the primer potion I really want to try out (don’t worry, that won’t be a deciding factor). 

Honestly, I have no idea which shade I would like in this. I haven’t even swatched one and whilst I have seen swatches and read reviews, what is the main reason I want this product? The packaging. Totally, utterly, head-over-heels in love with the packaging. This could sit untouched on my dressing table and just having it there would make me grin from ear to ear in happiness. Its just so beautiful. Of the swatches I have seen, I think I will also love the product inside (always a bonus). 
So, now to decide what exactly it is I want to buy! What is on your current wish list? Which do you think I should go for?
Fleur xoxo


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